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Tea Washer, Tea Washers

Tea washer is also known as tea spoon or waste water spoon.


For holding the cold tea, waste water and tea dregs.


Materials are porcelain, pottery and so on.

Wise selection

Spittoon plays the same role as waste water barrels and tea tray when it takes herbal soup. Some people who have a tea tray or waste water barrels, will not purchase spittoon separately.


Tea washer is small, so please use it as slightly and slowly as possible when you pour water, so as not to spill waste water on the tea tray. Waste water should be promptly cleaned up.

Tea Washers, a constituent part of Chaozhou Kongfu tea set. As for its popularity, we have to begin talking about the washing tea habit of the China ancient. Just as its name implies, "Tea Washers" is a tool used for washing tea. But there is a problem will must be raised that Is the tea leaves need to wash? Of course Yes, this is the life style of the people in Ming dynasty. After the Ming dynasty, tea cake had been replaced by the tea in bulk gradually. So the procedure of washing tea begin to form in a real sense. To satisfy the needs of washing tea, the tea special tools also came into being. According to the record, at that time, the form of tea washer is divided into two levels, the higher one and the lower one. The upper is a kind of flat plate with a small holes in the middle. And in fact the Chaozhou tea washer is the authentic heritage of ancient. Just as the Chaozhou tea classics said that tea washer, a shape of big bowl, has a lot of samples with deep or light color. And if you want to boil Kungfu tea, three tea washer is necessary. One is original, the two vice washers, which one is for soaking tea, the other is used for the water of washing cup and the bubbled tea.

Actually, tea washer is just as the facilitate of the writing bush washer. At the beginning, it is only used for washing tea, very different from the general tea washer in structure at present. As for the new type of tea washer, what does the tea washers used for? The tea washers at present are used for sterilizing and cleaning the tea cups tools by boiled water. In the tea ceremony, the tea cups must be clean up before use to drink tea. At first, put all the gongfu tea cups in the the tea washer, and pour the boiled water into the tea washer to warm and wash the tea cups. Then, the tea cups can be used for drink tea so that you could get the best flavor of the tea.

And in addition, it also could be used for cleaning and disinfecting. As we all know that the tea cups to put for a long time, it will inevitably to be dirty. Looking at such dirty, it absolutely will decrease the interests of people in enjoying tea. Before drinking tea, we have to put tea cups into tea washer, and then pour boiling water into, slightly to turn the tea cups. And now the purpose of washing cup is got. However, at this time, the purpose is slightly to please the tea cups in boiling water, not to wash it cleaning and bright, only for disinfecting. And then to pour tea water into cups to drink. Only in this way, it will let people rest assured.

Last but not the least, tea washer also could be used to preheating for tea wares. So the higher temperature, the better tea tasty. Especially in winter. As a matter of fact, tea wares are all made by general ceramics, which are of cold features in winter. If you want to enjoy the best tasty of tea, the essential is the temperature of water. So the most of people bubble tea by boiling water. So just as we known, the water temperature will affect the tasty of tea. And the cup will directly influence the temperature of tea water, but the problem is what means we could do to improve the tea tasty. So the answer is to preheat the tea wares. Only in this way, the quality of tea water will be not affected. You bet if the glass tea set is to be used for bubbling, the preheating is no useful. Of course no, it is more necessary. But, please be advised that the boiling water in glass, which is easy to crack.