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Tea Washer: Unveiling a Mysterious Part of the Art of Tea

Tea, as the national drink of the Chinese nation, has always occupied an important place in Chinese culture. To brew a pot of good tea, besides good tea leaves, good tea utensils and the correct method of brewing are also essential. Today, let's learn about an important part of the art of tea - the Tea Washer.


1. What is a Tea Washer?

The Tea Washer, also known as a tea tray or tea pool, is a vessel used in the tea ceremony to pour out excess tea water and warm rinse tea utensils. The shape, material, and size of Tea Washers vary, and they have extremely high ornamental value. In the tea ceremony, the Tea Washer not only carries aesthetics but also has practical functions, adding a sense of ceremony to the tea tasting process.




2. Functions of a Tea Washer

Cleaning Tea Sets: The Tea Washer can be used to warm rinse tea sets, ensuring the cleanliness and hygiene of the tea utensils, and enhancing the quality of tea tasting.


Pouring out Excess Tea Water or Tea Leaf Residue: In the process of brewing tea, the Tea Washer can be used to pour out excess tea water or tea leaf residue, to keep the tea table tidy.


Decoration: The exquisite Tea Washer itself is a work of art, adding an elegant atmosphere to the tea ceremony.



3. Materials of a Tea Washer

The materials of the Tea Washer are diverse, commonly including ceramics, purple sand, bamboo, and wood. Different materials have their own characteristics, adding much color to the tea ceremony. For example, ceramic Tea Washers usually adopt exquisite patterns and colors, possessing high artistic value; purple sand Tea Washers are loved by many tea enthusiasts for their unique texture and color; bamboo and wooden Tea Washers highlight the beauty of nature and simplicity


4. How to Use a Tea Washer

(1) Tea Leaf Rinse:

Put an appropriate amount of tea leaves in the teapot.

Pour in freshly boiled hot water, allowing the water to  flow over the surface of the tea leaves.

Gently shake the teapot to ensure the tea leaves are fully in contact with the hot water.

After a brief wait, pour the rinse water into the Tea Washer, completing the tea leaf rinsing step.

(2) Tea Utensil Rinse:

Place the tea utensils in the Tea Washer, preferably stacking them at an angle to ensure they are fully soaked in hot water.

Gently pour hot water into the Tea Washer to disinfect the tea utensils with high temperature. At the same time, warming the tea utensils helps to better release the aroma of the tea.

After waiting for 3-5 minutes, use tea tongs to remove the tea utensils from the hot water and place them on a tea towel or tea tray.

(3) Waste Collection

Pour the discarded tea water or tea residue into the Tea Washer before starting the next round of tea tasting activities.