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Fair Cups (Gongdao Bei)

The following we want to introduce we believe it must be familiar for you. Fair cups, a kind of essential tea set when brewing, is not only could be used to brew tea water avoiding the bitter of tea leaves for long time brewing, but could be applied for tea water homogenizing, and then point to each cup.

Fair Cup

Fair cup, a kind of delicate and special glass made by craftsman in the "imperial ware factory" opened by the Jingdezhen government of Ming dynasty. There is an old man or a dragon head standing in center, and a hollow porcelain tube in its body. At the end of tub, it line to a bottom holes, and the top of it is equal to the mole of the height of old man chest (or Long Han). And a hole which under the junction between the head and cup bottom is left to fall water into cup. If the water level below the porcelain tube, the water will not leak, but if it over, the water will be leaked totally through leaking hole of bottom. The kind of leaking cup is just called “Fair cup” by general people of Han nationality. It is said that it is made on the basis of Siphon principle in physics. When it used for wine, it only can be shallow, not be over. Otherwise, the full cup of wine will be miss, not a drop let. So the Fair cup is the most reasonable one.

Fair Cup

In fact, the fair cup used when we bubble tea is originally named tea-cup. But as its mainly used for homogenizing tea water, and then it got the name of fair cup. On the contrary, the name of tea cup was used lesser and lesser, gradually it be forgotten step by step. Using fair cup to divide tea water is of the same quantity, representing to treat equally without discrimination. As we all know that it if for tea, pouring tea water to each Sample tea cup with similar thicker and flavor. And with the function of precipitating tea dust. Usually, the fair cup is of the quality of porcelain, purple sand, and glass. Among that, the most commonly used is the cup made by porcelain and glass. Some of fair cup have mug handle, some do not, and some with filter, but most of it without a filter.

Fair Cup

When bubbling, we should pour its tea water into fair cup immediately, pointing to drinking at any time, in order to avoid tasting bitter for a long time soaking. Thus we could assure that could keep the same tasty as the normal ones. In addition, the mug size of fair cup should be matched with the teapot or Gaiwan. But generally speaking, fair cup should be slightly greater.

Fair Cup

The Fair Cups, also called the Chazhong, Chahai or Gongdao Bei, is used for holding and mixing the tea liquid.

Fair Cup

When brewing tea, the liquid is poured into the Fair Cup to prevent the liquid getting stronger or bitter from over brewing. The Fair Cup, first used in the 1970s, was larger than the matching pot or covered bowl. The common Fair Cup is of porcelain, purple-clay and glass, with or without handle. Some Fair Cups have a strainer.