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Teapot Brush, Teapot Cleaning Pen

Teapot Brush, also known as Teapot Cleaning Pen, refers to a kind of tool which is mainly used to clean and maintain the tea pot. As a good partner of teapot, tea pot brush will make your cleaning process achieve maximum results with little effort!


Teapot Brush nib is made of animal hair, pen holder is made of horn, wood, bamboo and other materials, and the most common is made by wood.

Wise selection

Teapot Brush is special for the purple-clay teapots, to maintain and scrub purple-clay tea sets. Do not make it smelly, nor easily fall off animal hair at the point of pen.


1 Using pot kept pen to brush tea soup equally on the pot wall, so that the outer wall of the pot is oily, shiny.

2 It can maintain tea pet on the tea table.

3 Most of the pens are made of bamboo and easily become damp. So dry it every time after using.