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Tea Knife, Tea Knives, Tea Tongs, Tea Needles

Tea knives, a kind of tea accessories of Han nationality. As we all know that tea culture includes the techniques of tea tasting, the appreciation of art operation means, and also the tea knives. At the same time, the enjoyment of the better environment to taste tea also improve the whole artistic conception. It is a process of mutual unity between form and spirit. What is we called the culture phenomenon in the process of enjoying tea.

As its appreciation is similar to knife, presenting a flat, so it got the name of "tea knives". Its could be made by wood, bamboo, ivory, horn, bone, gold, silver, copper, iron, and so on. As for its structure, the tea knives usually including the knives with handle and scabbard. So, the sharp edges could be used smoothly inserted into the tea cake, and to cut along the tract. And then you just need to repeat above method with a light force, the tea cake would be apart successfully.

Tea knives is mainly used as a kind of pry tool for Pu'er tea, brick tea, and Compressed Tea. It is a kind of auxiliary tools just as tea spoon in tea set. As we all that even the compressed tea is very loose, we also not in favor of breaking by hand. As the tea cake will be broken down piece by piece, which not easy to bubble, but easily to smash.

In fact, breaking tea is a technical work, as the tea knives could not be too sharp nor dull, and even over heavy or light also could affect the feeling of handle. So in the following, we will introduce some using method of tea knives.

1. When prying brick tea, one hand is used to keep a good position, the other is to cut from the side into the center of tea cake by tea knives. In this way, it will be easily to pick a piece of tea leaves.

2. While prying tea cakes, you need to start with the crater in the back of tea cakes, from which, the tea knives be inserted into the tea center, and then pry up radioactively. There are two advantages by this way, one is that it is easy to pry from crater. On the other hand, the surface of tea cakes could be kept complete and beautiful.

3. The method for compressing tea is similar to tea cake, all which is settle form the crater, using tea knives from the side, and pry up into the center. As we has said it could be better to keep the appearance beauty. In addition, it is better to put force effort.

4. When using a cone to pry tea, no matter what the shape of compressed tea, we should as far as possible to pry along the cords one by one.

Before drinking, with tea knife to mold, strip off, is the first step to bubble such tea. From now, through tea knives, hand up sword fell, the pieces of tea leaves for long time experience and toughening will be present in front of us.