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Modern Tea Sets

If you are a tea lover and a big fan of kitchenware or teaware, consider investing in good quality modern tea sets. Although classic tea sets are also beautiful in their own way, a modern tea set adds a sleek, luxurious, and elegant touch to your tea table.

Modern tea sets are popular for being versatile and glamorous, providing a better appearance to a Japanese tea table. Moreover, these contemporary tea sets offer multiple benefits owing to their functionality and durability which is great for family tea ceremonies.

In this article, we will discuss some of the key features of modern tea sets, how they differ from the older Japanese-style tea sets, and what things to keep in mind when buying contemporary tea sets.

Let's dig into the details!

Modern Tea Set

What Are Modern Tea Sets

Tea sets have evolved over the years, with greater inspiration from Westernized craftsmanship to create more alluring designs. Modern tea sets differ from antique tea sets in multiple ways, but the primary difference is in design. They are typically minimalistic, sleek, and classy. Antique tea sets, on the other hand, are often colorful and heavily decorated.

Another feature of modern tea sets is the use of modern technologies. You will find many attractive novel features in modern tea sets that don't exist in traditional ones. This includes insulated walls, use of heat-resistant materials, etc. The traditional Japanese-style tea sets with flowers or vintage prints are rarely seen in modern tea sets. However, this is not to say that traditional sets are out of style. It is a matter of preference, and each is equally beautiful.

Modern Tea Set

Features And Functionality Of a Modern Tea Set

A complete tea set adds to the delightful experience of enjoying tea time, especially for tea enthusiasts. So to invest in the right product to fulfill your demands, it is important to know about the features and functionality of a modern tea set.

Tea Tray and Tea Saucers

Teacups included in modern tea sets are typically sold with saucers and tea trays. These teacup saucers are important because they allow you to place your teacup and also catch any spills or drips. Teacup saucers also come in handy when you want to rest a teaspoon or a piece of snack.

Needless to say, tea trays complete a tea set. Modern tea set trays are mostly made of high-quality ceramics. These tea trays provide a more decent and presentable way to serve coffee or tea to the guests.

Cup Shelf

Teacup shelves offer a means to hang and formally display tea cups to the guests. Some modern tea sets have bamboo racks. These bamboo tea shelves are crafted using top-quality and natural bamboo via a traditional method. Similarly, some contemporary tea sets include cup racks made using stainless steel that provide a classic and neat layout to the tea set.

Teacup shelves enhance the overall look of the tea set and offer a unique way to present or serve tea during a gathering which leaves an everlasting impression on the guests.

Ergonomic Handles

Modern tea cups have handles attached that prevent you from accidentally scalding your hands while sipping hot tea. Also, it is important for a handle to offer a comfortable grip so you don't spill the content inside.

Moreover, teapots come with handles and spouts that contain a strainer. This is important because having a handle and a funnel gives you more control over the pouring process.

Dishwasher And Microwave Safe

One of the most important and highly beneficial features of modern tea sets is that most tea sets are dishwasher safe which is a bonus for everyday tea consumers. Similarly, most tea cups can also be used to warm tea in a microwave. This quality depends on the kind of material used to manufacture a tea set and the size of the teapot.

Tea Sets With Warmer

Warmers are an additional component of a modern tea set. They are sold in different styles, shapes, and sizes. Mostly, these warmers are useful with tea sets made using glass material. Such tea sets have a warmer with a space to light a candle. During tea ceremonies, teapots are placed inside these warmers to serve the tea hot and fresh.

Modern Tea Set

Common Materials For Modern Tea Sets

Traditional tea sets are made using three main types of materials; porcelain, ceramic, or clay. However, with each passing year, companies are using different materials to make modern tea sets. Let's look at some common materials used for contemporary tea sets.


Porcelain is one of the oldest (traditionally) and the most widely used materials used to make modern tea sets. Initially originated in China around 2000 years ago, now they are quickly overtaking the world owing to their elegance and sophistication.

Tea sets made using porcelain material have a translucent quality and a superior ability to withstand high temperatures. Also, porcelain tea sets are non-porous meaning they do not absorb flavors released from the tea leaves which is a good thing as this quality allows them to sample a variety of teas.


Ceramic tea sets are popular due to their heat retention quality which provides a longer brewing time. These tea sets are quite old and are crafted using wet clay that runs through a high temperature.

Ceramic-style tea sets are very durable, versatile, and appealing to the eyes. These tea sets are valued for allowing a touch of personal style as they are crafted using clay they can be molded into a wide range of shapes and designs.

Yixing Clay

Clay tea sets, popularly known as Yixing tea sets are made using Yixing clay especially in Jiangsu province, China. These tea sets can absorb tea flavors after several uses.

Although it might not sound very appealing to everyone, the porous nature of clay is particularly useful for traditional tea lovers as it makes every subsequent tea cooked in the pot richer in flavor and taste. They also have a unique aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye.


Glass tea sets provide a clear and transparent view of brewing tea inside. This type of teapot is a perfect example of modern tea sets in the new era. The see-through glass material provides a sleek and modern look to the tea sets and at the same time allows you to visualize the delightful tea experience. The clear material is also beneficial in analyzing the strength of the tea.

The only drawback of the glass material of a modern tea set is its fragile nature. It's important to be cautious when using a glass tea set as they can easily break and are not very durable compared to the more traditional style tea sets.


Metal tea sets, such as those that are made using stainless steel material, are cherished for their sturdiness and durability. These metal tea sets were more popular in the older era. For instance, many Japanese teapots were created using bronze or Gyokko stone.

Needless to say, metal tea sets offer top-notch quality in terms of heat-retaining ability, solid construction, stain resistance, and minimal maintenance.

Modern Tea Set

Brief Guide to Buy The Best Quality Modern Tea Set

Size and Capacity

When buying any tea set whether it be a Chinese, Japanese, or modern tea set, it is important to consider the size and capacity of the teapots and tea cups which might vary for personal use and tea ceremonies.


Most older tea sets are made from porcelain or ceramic material. With innovative designs and new materials, traditional tea rituals are combined with aesthetics to create modern tea sets. So when investing in a contemporary tea set, make sure to check the durability, heat-retaining ability, color (warm or cool), and maintenance requirement for each material.

Functionality And Features

Modern tea sets offer a unique function and features that represent artistic thoughts, professional craftsmanship, and practical usage of a product. Most of these tea sets include tea infusers, ergonomic handles, shelf and bamboo stands, and tea trays or tea mats. So look for these features in whatever product you have your eyes on!


Each tea set and company offers a unique design. If we consider the clay tea sets, they can be customized according to consumer preference. Besides, most contemporary tea sets offer versatility in designs and aesthetics that attract customers.


Prices for each tea set vary depending upon the type of material, quality of product, the components of a tea set, and the seller. Always check your budget before investing.

Modern Tea Set

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to invest in the best quality modern tea sets? Umi Tea Sets offers a wide range of tea set varieties to all the tea connoisseurs. From older and antique vintage-style tea sets to more modern tea sets, we have it all in store. We import products directly from Japan, and we reassure you about the authenticity of our products.

Don't forget to check out our tea sets collection if you are looking for a top-quality teaware at a better price than the other sites.