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Buy Genuine Cast Iron Tea Cups from Japan

Introduction of Cast Iron Tea Cups

The Cast Iron tea cups has a long history of hundreds of years. With raw iron as material, traditional casting technology and the manual grinding, the tea cup has the value of health preservation, appreciation and collection.

Technology of Cast Iron Tea Cups

The cast iron tea cups have been regarded as traditional crafts for a long time and developed to this day. It has excellent cast iron and traditional technology. Its classical iron and simple shape are regarded as a pure Japanese style creation, which has attracted considerable attention in Japan. In particular, the cast iron tea cups has been highly evaluate, in order to meet the changes of the times, The cast iron tea cup technology still based on the traditional techniques to cast works in line with modern life. It is not only a practical tea cup, but also an art handicraft with decorative functions, such fine arts and crafts can let you keep and use for a long time.

Cast Iron Tea Cup

Benefits of Cast Iron Tea Cups for the Human Body

Scientists have found that iron is helpful for generating more blood, and a male adult needs 0.8-0.5 milligrams of iron each day. Iron deficiency will hinder the development of one's intelligence. Experiments have proven that using an iron tea cups to drink tea can be helpful to the absorption of iron (Fe2+), preventing anemia. Japanese love using iron utensils to cook food or boil water. In recent years, facts have proven that iron tea cups made of pure iron will replenish hemoglobin in children. Also, in the Longevity Village in Japan, most people use iron tea cups. According to similar studies, most people who use cast iron tea cups do not have low iron or suffer from anemia. Humans body cannot directly absorb iron, but when digested in food as Fe3+, gastric acid turns Fe3+ to soluble Fe2+ by chemical reaction.

Cast Iron Tea Cup

The Features of Cast Iron Tea Cups

1. Good heat preservation effect.

The iron tea cup has rich iron element. And it has characteristics of hardness, wear resistance, good castability and good thermal conductivity. What's more, it has a thick wall, so the insulation effect is good.

2. Keep the taste of tea.

Water in an iron cup can release trace iron ions and little chloride, making the water be more sweet.

3. Keep the original flavor.

The tea is easy to become "old" if you place too long, it is not easy to stimulate the tea flavor. Iron tea cup’s heat conduction is more uniform, it can keep the flavor and soup of the tea.

4. Adults need 1-1.5 mg of iron every day (iron is a hematopoietic element). Cast iron tea cups will release rich divalent iron ions, which can effectively prevent anemia symptoms.

Cast Iron Tea Cup

Usage of Cast Iron Tea Cups

1. You can put 5-10g of tea leaves into the new cast iron cup for the first time use, pour water to soak for 10 minutes. In this way, it will form a protective film on the surface of the iron cup, which will be less likely to rust. At the same time, it can remove the peculiar smell of the new tea cups.

2. You should clean it in time after use, and then dry it with rag to keep the tea cups dry. Do not leave water in the tea cups overnight. Prevent iron tea cup from rusting and affect its service life.

Cast Iron Tea Cup

How to Remove the Rust on Cast Iron Tea Cups?

1. Removing rust by washing rice water. After using tea cups, immerse them in relatively strong rice washing water to prevent and remove rust.

2. Alum derusting. Cast iron tea cup can be derusted by the following methods: pour 1kg of water into the iron tea cups, add about 50g alum, add boiling water and soak for 10 minutes, and then wipe it repeatedly with a brush.

3. Vinegar to remove rust. Vinegar is the most commonly used rust removal items, if iron tea cup get rust, just pour some vinegar in the tea cups and pour water to immersion, it can quickly remove it.

4.In fact, there is no need to worry too much about rusty iron tea cups. Because rusty iron tea cup will not harm your health, it will only affect the taste of tea or water. If you think the rust stains are not good for looking, you can use the ginger to smear the iron cup after removing the rust, or put the tea residue in the gauze to wipe the iron cup, and immerse the cleaned iron cup in the strong rice washing water to dry, so as to effectively prevent the iron cup from rusting.

5. You can use chopped onion, potato chips or radish skin dipped in a little salt to removed the rust on the rusty place.

Cast Iron Tea Cup

How to Maintain Cast Iron Tea Cups?

1. You can often wiped with tea towel to let the iron tea cups become luster.

2. Keep dry after use and avoid falling from high place.

3. Do not use hard objects and detergent to clean the inside of the cup. The inner structure of the cup is easily damaged if you excessive cleaning it. Generally speaking, the inside of the tea cup should be cleaned with water and soft tea towel.