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Blooming Tea, Blooming Flower Tea

Blooming Tea, also called artistic tea, special art tea, which is made by choosing the tea leaves and dehydrated edible tea flowers as raw material, combining with modern technology and other unique craft, with a various style. When brewing, it could bloom in different model. According to the dynamic artistic feeling of tea brewing, the blooming tea could be divided into three categories. One is the blossom type in which the interior flower is blooming gently. One is the dancing type in which the interior flower jumble ups and downs obviously. And the other one is the floating type in which there has some tiny trivia rise from tea and fall gently when brewing.

In fact, the blooming tea is kind of extremely entertaining tea. Putting a grain of blooming tea into a transparent glass, adding boiling water, it will quickly absorbing water and slowly sinking. And now, looking at the glass, tea leaves mix with water and then it will open up. Wrapped in the periphery of the bus slowly unfold in turn. At the moment, there is a flower from tea heart rises leisureliness. The whole process is just like a flower is blooming in slow motion, feeling the art of dynamic. The dried flowers absorbing water is presented elegant, brightly beautiful, graceful or ethereally under the infiltration of water. Holding a cup of blooming tea to drink, the tea flowers is swaying in the water, beautiful and moving. Actually, the best view to enjoy the blooming tea is made with straight, followed by 45 degrees of looking down.

The blooming tea, after brewing with boiling water, all kinds of flower is presented in full blood in the water, forming a unique beautiful scenery. Just as we said just now, when brewing, the beautiful blooming tea flowers and leaves are recovered and stretched. Of course, with the difference of water temperature, the herbal tea water also will show different color. When hot water injected, the fragrance of pure natural will be released, relaxing body and mind. Therefore, the process of drinking blooming tea can be said to be a enjoyment of sight and taste.

Just as we often said that the tea spirit is justly the pursuit of the blooming tea. It is no doubt only design for the people who are for simplicity, fashion, beauty, raise color, dredge bowel, and healthy life. And also it is very popular for the pure natural and casual fate.

Blooming Tea is made by manual, quite different from scented tea. It is made with a number of bundled dried flowers and tea in a particular model. The match of tea and flowers presents a fabulous view.

It's easy to brew the modeling scented tea. Take a beautiful, high-temperature glass, pour the boiling water into it, and wait for the flowers and leaves blooming.