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UmiTeaSets.com is a leading online retailer of quality tea sets, teapots and tea cups. We were established in 2012 in the city Shaoguan, Guangdong of China. Our aim is to supply our customers with best quality tea sets; UmiTeaSets.com promises you a happy shopping experience.

The people at UmiTeaSets.com are dedicated to providing our customers with a complete tea experience. Along with our fine selections of tea sets. Not only will we offer a wonderful selection at a great value, but we also strive to educate on the many health benefits of using tea set. Also, we will show the many application of tea set.

Best Service on UmiTeaSets.com.

We aspire to the highest standards of online business practice. This includes providing quality products, fast shipment, good customer communication, full investigation and rectification of any complaints.

Please feel free to Contact Us with your questions, or if you would like help in selecting the product which is best for your needs. Our customer service will be pleased to help you.

Low Prices, Great Deals!

Why pay more when you can pay less? That's our motto. And let's face it, everyone loves to find a bargain.

Large Selection, Top Quality!

We offer authentic Chinese tea sets, Jingdezhen porcelain and ceramic tea sets, Yixing purple-clay teapots and tea cups, which won high reputation from the worldwide, to ensure our customers get a charming and noble appearance. We are keen on what we do; you can get what you have paid for.