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Chinese Cha Dao

China is the motherland of tea tree, the first nation that discovered, used, planted and commercially, produced tea. For Chinese people, drinking tea has a history longer than five thousand years. The tea aroma spreads through each chapter of Chinese civilization. The tea savouring has been the traditional custom among the 56 Chinese ethnic groups for long periods of time. "When guests are coming, a cup of tea will increase friendship; when you are thirsty, a cup of tea will remove exhaustion and cheer the spirit; when you are bored, a cup of tea will dispel boredom; when you are suffering from taking food, it helps your digesting; by savouring tea in your spare time, it will help you to feel nature and achieve the enlightenment of life." It is not just fun but also the combination of the human spirit and civilization with tea drinking, developing drinking tea from a daily life activity to an elegant life art and philosophy-the Chinese Tea Ceremony.

The Chinese Tea Ceremony contains the essences of Confucianist,Buddhist and Taoist theories, with the “gratitude, tolerance. haring and forming relations being the four major functions, and"harmony" being its core philosophy. The Chinese Tea Ceremony promotes "harmony": there should be harmony in everything harmony between humanity and nature, harmony when people are working together, family harmony and the harmonious peace amongst nations. The Chinese Tea Ceremony pursues genuineness. First of all, the emphasis on the true things to choose real and good quality tea. The second, the truth of relations, with the true spirit of hospitality used to treat guests, with a whole heart to brew tea by Chinese tea sets and be true heart in order to get along with each other well. The third, the pursuit of true personality, which is, in the process of tea savoring, to be really relaxed, openminded,be yourself and at ease completely. Finally, the pursuit of the true meaning of Tao, which is, during the tea activities, people should savor tea with a positive attitude, an open mind, natural temperament and leisurely manner, to combine their own feelings and lives with nature; though tea drinking, to achieve selfcultivation, to purify the soul,to feel life and to pursue the real sentiment of Tao”.

It was just because of the Tea Ceremony, tea would not only be a beverage to quench thirst, but also the medicine for health, ties of friendship, the enjoyment of life and a symbol of civilization. In China, the Tea Ceremony is considered as an amazing flower in the garden of traditional culture. To learn about China, it is necessary to understand the Chinese Tea Ceremony. Today, we pick up the amazing flower of the Chinese Tea Ceremony and give it to you, and hope you will enjoy the clear and pure fragrance like the lotus flower.