Cylindrical Yixing Teapots

Cylindrical Yixing Teapots

The cylinder vessels appeared in the traditional ceramics was early, but it was unfrequent. The cylinder shape in round shape of purple clay teapots became fashion in the mid-Qing Dynasty. There were some cylinder works in the wares which made by Yang Pengnian and carved characters by Chen Mansheng.

* Well railing teapot, Jiaqing Periods in Ming Dynasty, made by Yang Pengnian and carved characters by Chen Mansheng. This shape imitated the ancient well railing in Linyang of Tang Dynasty, the basic shape was cylinder and straight belly, complete showing the simplicity, without any bellyfats.

* High plinth teapot, Qing Dynasty, Yunshi made, Naibao carved characters. This body shape was the common plinth of architecture which used in south of China, small upside and big downside, show the shape of trumpet, short flow-mouth, circle handle. Althouth it imitated the shape of plinth, the basic shape of plinth was the variation of cylinder as well.

* Clock shape teapot, Jiaqing/Daoguang Periods in Ming Dynasty, Shao Daheng made. This shape was similar to the clock, small upside and big downside, ambilateral contour lines were composed by the curved line, contrary to pitch arc of cylinder teapot, the basic shape was also the variation of cylinder.

* High twin circle slip decorative teapot, Kangxi/Jiaqing Periods in Ming Dynasty, Shangfu carved characters. This one was the standard cylinder shape of teapot, wide mouth, short straight flow-mouth, round handle, the shape was clean, simple and unadorned.

* Bail straight teapot, Qing Dynasty, made by Fangzhuo. The body was cylinder, turndown shoulder, short neck, wide mouth, short straight flow-mouth, bridge shape button. The contrast of thick and thin shoulder, straight lines and curl lines, the modelling would be obvious.

* Doliform teapot, Late-Qing Dynasty, this kind of style were made for export. It imitated the doliform, the body was cylinder, turndown shoulder, short neck, wide mouth, three curl flow-mouth, set the soft loop handle on the shoulder. The rim of lip, bottom, cover, button, mouth inlay the gold or the bronze, they were exported to the Thailand mostly.

* Doliform teapot with ox's nose shape of cover, the Republic of China Period, made by Gu Jingzhou. The shape came from the doliform, change the incondite feelings of lines which tooling by machines into the curl lines. The body is cylinder, turndown shoulder with concave shoulder lines, short neck, wide mouth, curl flow-mouth, the shape of cover is the ox's nose, set the soft loop handle on the shoulder. The total modelling added some traditional lingering charm

* Half moon eaves tile teapot, Jiaqing Periods in Qing Dynasty, made by Yang Pengnian, Chen Mansheng carved characters(inscription). In fact this style of teapot should be classified in the cylinder teapot, because if we kept it flat, you can feel it belong to the half part of the cylinder, only because the change of visual experiences too strange to make any relationship with the cylinder. It gives us lots of imaginations on the half part of moon shape, naturally and not complicated.

There still a few differences between the modem arts of making teapot with the ancestors.

* Ti Bi pot, Modem time, Gu Jingzhou made. The pot body is cylinder, it is called "Ti Bi",only because the quality of its cover looks like the jade quality. Variation set in the simple style, convergent underbelly and the curl lines are utilized naturally.

* Yuanquan (source) tea sets, Modem time, Bao Zhiqiang, Liu Jianping made. esign)&Shi Xiaoma (made). The pot body is cylinder with a curl bamboo joint, seems the extension of bamboo joint, and turnover shoulder, layer by layer pattern decorating the pot body.

* High straight bottom teapot, Modem time, Han Meilin(design)&Shi Xiaoma (made). The pot body is cylinder, a long curl thin flow-mouth with the top connects the upside of belly, the underpart of lathy handle connects the underbelly, high and thin button set on the top of teapot with incline plane, it is new shape and clean, simple and gets a contrast sharply. It is hard to make.

* Bamboo joint teapot, Modem time, Wu Guangrong made. The pot body is cylinder, the middle is thinner, a little variation with the bamboo joint pattern of flow-mouth, the bridge shape of the button,the total look is bamboo joint.

* Carved bamboo pattern round teapot, Modem time, Wu Guangrong made. The pot body is cylinder, turnover shoulder with the inlay cover, curl cylinder shape of flow-mouth similar to the pot body, the handle is cylinder, too. It lays stress on the making technique.