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Kabusecha Kawase Green Tea

Translation: Shaded tea and the name of the grower
Production area: Shizuoka Prefecture
Harvest season: Early May
Cultivar: Yabukita

Like Gyokuro tea, Kabusecha is a shade-grown tea cultivated in gardens that are covered by canopies for about two weeks before the leaves are picked As with Gyokuro teas, the goal is to increase the levels of chlorophyll and amino acids (particularly theanine) in the leaves, which produces a gentle and complex tea. However; in the case of Kabusecha teas, the canopies, made of synthetic material, are less dense and only block roughly 80 percent of the light Processing is more mechanical, closer to that of Sencha teas, to reduce costs and produce a quality tea at an affordable price. Therefore, Kabusecha teas are a compromise between Sencha and Gyokuro teas, offering a balance between strength and delicacy.

Tasting notes: The dry leaves are mixed with needles and broken particles that are uniformly green. When they are infused they form a thick paste that gives off vegetal aromas of fresh grass and cilantro. The dark-green liquid is clouded by a thick haze of suspended particles. The vegetal nose is colored by a delicate note of apricot In the mouth, the liquid presents brief acidity and a creamy texture. The strong, herbaceous aromas combine with a subtle note of raspberry. The dominant vegetal note, full and intense, leads to a light astringaicy. The delicately sweet finish tends gently toward aromas of green vegetables and berries.

Recommended infusion accessory: A Yixing zisha teapot.