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Milky Tea of Mongolian People

Mongolians like tea very much. They cook a pot of milky tea every morning. Their breakfast includes fried rice, butter, cheese and the milky tea. They also drink the milky tea at noon and in the evening. Some people even leave their cast iron teapot on the stove to keep it warm for drinking at any time.

There are two kinds of milky tea: ordinary one and first-class one. It is easy to make the ordinary milky tea: the brick-shaped tea is ground to pieces and put into a cauldron for cooking in water. After the tea dregs are filtered away, pour milk into the cauldron and make tea-milk ratio reach 5 to 1. After thorough stirring, the tea is ready for drinking. The first-class milky tea is made with the brick-shaped black tea through a more complicated procedure. First,the tea is ground to pieces for cooking in a copper teapot. After being put aside for one night, the clear tea soup is filtered into a clean bucket and stirred up and down. Then, the strong tea is poured into a cauldron and cooked with some condiments to boiling. Then, it is ready for drinking. Condiments include cow or sheep milk, butter, grape,honey, salt, meat, and grain, and are added according to personal taste.

Mongolian people are hospitable. Any one entering their yurt will be offered a bowl of fragrant milky tea; no matter they know or do not know this person. The guest should respectfully accept the tea; this is the best way to repay the host's hospitality.