New Craft White Tea

New Craft White Tea

New craft white tea, called new white tea for short, is sun-withered and produced by light rolling on the basis of white tea processing craft. It is made from tea shoots of Fuding White tea and Fuding Pekoe, less demanding on tenderness.

Brewing difficulty: Easy.
Best season to taste: Summer
Origin: Fuding City and surrounding areas in Fujian Province

Quality characteristics

Appearance: curly, slightly coarse and loose, breen, even and clean with tender stalks.
Liquid: orange red.
Aroma: clean aroma and heavy.
Taste: even.
Brewed tea leaves: blue green and yellow; red vessels.


New craft white tea leaves are slightly shrunk and curly, dull green with auburn color, emitting clean aroma and heavy smell. Liquid resembles that of green tea but lacks faint scent, and black tea without fermentation taste; it is mellow, clean and sweet. It is popular for its curly leaves and strong taste.

Tea ceremony

Water temperature: above 85 °C.
Tea sets: glass.


New craft white tea is made by withering, light rolling, drying, stalk separation, sifting, piling, baking, and packing. The withered raw fresh leaves are promptly lightly rolled dried, and shrunk slightly into semi-curly strips, and be dull green and slightly brown.


It was developed, to meet the needs of Hong Kong and Macao markets, by China Tea Company, Fuzhou Branch (now known as Fujian Tea Import and Export Co., Ltd) and relevant tea factories in Fuding develop a new product in 1968. Now, it is exported to the European Union, Southeast Asian countries, Japan and other countries and regions.