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Thundering Tea of the Lisu People

The Thundering Tea of the Lisu People is popular in Lisu area in Nujiang Prefecture of Yunnan Province. It has distinct ethnic features. First, a large earthen jar is used to boil the water and a small earthen jar is used to bake the cake tea. After the baked tea sends forth aroma, pour in boiling water and boil the tea for five minutes. Then, filter away tea dregs and add in some butter and fried and ground walnut seed, peanut, salt, or sugar. Finally, bake some holed cobblestones in fire and put them into the tea jar to raise the tea soup's temperature and melt the butter. As the cobblestones make thunder-like sound in the jar, the tea is called the Thundering Tea. After the thundering, stir the tea soup with a stick to make the butter fully melt into the tea. Then you can enjoy the tea before it gets cold.