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What is Tea Tray?

Tea tray is used to place tea ware. It has a many different materials and various styles, such as round moon shape, chessboard shape etc. But no matter what material and style, the most important is the two characters: wide, flat. It means the tea tray should be wide, so that it can place more tea cups when there are more guest. And the bottom of the tea tray should be flat, so as to make the cup stable and uneasy to shake.

The tea tray, also known as the Chachuan (tea ship) and Chaxi (tea wash), is used for carrying the tea sets. There are single-layered tea trays and double-layered tea trays. In a double-layered tea tray, the first layer has holes while the lower layer is a drawer for draining water. The single-layered tea tray only has a metal pipe in the right lower corner to drain the waste water into a connected waste tea bucket.

Our tea trays is normally made of bamboo or wood, and sometimes ceramic, purple-clay, stone and jade. You can simply rinse the inside of the tray and set aside to dry after use. This tea serving tray also provide an elegant platform to display your tea set when in use. They are perfect for afternoon tea and make it easier to serve tea. Get it! It will draws all eyes to your tea set. The double-layered tea tray has limited capacity to hold the waste water and should be cleaned timely to avoid overflow.

In the tea family, tea tray plays a little-known role, but pot, cup will be used with the help of it.

Tea Tray

The Usage of Tea Tray

1. When tea devices are in tea tray, they should be in order.

2. When the tea tray is used to contain cool tea soup or waste water, clean it up and drain it, and dry it with a dry cloth.

Tea Tray

The Shape of Tea Trays

Tea tray, also called tea boat, is a shallow bottom vessel for placing teapots, cups, tea ceremony ware, tea pets and even tea food. It can be large or small, and its shape can be round or square shaped. It can be single-layer or double-layer, and the double-layer can be stored the wasted water, and the single layer is connected with a plastic pipe to drain the waste water out from the tea tray, but it is still need a bucket under the tea tray. The tea tray material is widely selected from stone, wood, bamboo and pottery. The stone tea tray is the most simple and durable, and the bamboo tea tray is the most elegant. In addition, the wooded tea tray included ebony wood, mahogany wood, Panga Panga wood and so on.

Tea Tray

The Classification of Tea Trays

The common tea tray of materials on the market can be divided into: bamboo, stone, wood and ceramics. Different materials also have different requirements, no matter what material, we suggestion you to choose the tea tray that will not deform. Here for you to introduce a few different materials of tea tray, for your reference:

1. The price of wooden tea tray is moderate. Wood is easy to process and can be processed into various forms of tea tray. It's a good choice for family use. It's not easy to crack if you take care of it well, and it's more light than stone, you can easy to move and place. The wooden tea tray should be regarded as the most widely used material in the tea tray, Wooden tea tray is simple and elegant, and it is really popular.

2. Stone tea tray gives people the feeling of high-quality, many tea shops and tea houses are using it, and it won't deform after long time use. The stone tea tray will not absorb water and deform. Also it will not dry and fade when it is cold or hot. It is not easy to form tea stains. It is easy to clean and drain water smoothly. Moreover, it is beautiful in appearance and elegant in appearance.

3. Ceramic & porcelain tea tray have the advantage of beauty, no matter white porcelain or green porcelain, both are elegant, giving people a sense of tea art. By the way, the porcelain is easily damage.

4. The copper tea tray has the high value, which other tea tray without, especially for its long service life. High quality as it is very sturdy, it will not crack. Therefore, it is widely used and will not easily be covered with tea stains. Just simple clean it with tea towel by water, it can be as bright as new. Copper can also inhibit bacteria and is indispensable for health care.

Tea Tray

How to Select a Tea Tray?

1. Measure the size.

When selecting a tea tray, the first thing you need to consider is the size of the space . And according to the space to choose the how large the tea tray you need. The use of tea tray depends on where it is used. In a small space, a smaller one is generally used, or a small one can also be used when there are few tea drinkers. In some tea rooms, it's better to select a large tea tray, which can make it easier to taste tea when there are many customers. The specific size of use can also be selected according to the actual situation.

2. Choose the material.

The common tea tray materials on the market can be divided into: bamboo, wood, stone and ceramics. Different materials have different requirements. You can select it according to your actual need. The most common and most useful material is bamboo and wood, they are economical, and environmentally friendly. The most common wooden tea tray is made of rosewood, ebony and other green ebony.

3. Observe the way of drainage.

There are three kinds of drainage of tea tray: First kind is drain directly (without underneath tray). Second kind is the tea tray with a underneath tray to catch the wasted water, also the water would drain out from the underneath tray. The last kind is the tea tray with a underneath tray, but the underneath tray is unable to drain the water out, you must clean the underneath tray once it is almost full with water.

4. For Those who do not drink tea often.

Those who do not drink tea often can buy a water kept tray, which can both meet the requirements and save space. Those who drink a lot or drink regular should buy a normal tea tray.

Tea Tray

How to Clean the Tea Tray?

1. Use soft rag dipped in some white vinegar to wipe, if there are more stains, you can pour some white vinegar into the tea tray and then add water to soak.

2. Remove the tea stains on the tea tray. If the tea tray is used for a long time, a large amount of tea stains will be formed on it. It can be easily removed by rubbing with sponge dipped in salt.

3. Remove the small stains, you can soaked the tea tray in bleach or cleaning powder solution, and placed overnight, then it is easy to remove it.

4. You can used toothpaste or broken egg shell scrub, and then rinse with water.

Tea Tray

How to Take Care of the Tea Tray?

1. The tea tray should place far away from the door, window, and other parts with strong air flow, not to be exposed to sunlight.

2. In order to keep the air humidity in Summer, Autumn and Winter, you should use the humidifier to spray the humidity. Put some flowers indoor can also adjust the air humidity. When Spring comes, you need often turn on the air conditioner to exhaust moisture and reduce the moisture absorption and expansion of wood.

3. Avoid metal or other sharp objects from colliding to avoid scratching or abrasion.

4. Keep the tea tray clean and tidy. Wipe the dust with clean gauze everyday. Don't use chemical brightener, so as to avoid the damage of tea tray.