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Iron Goddess of Mercy Tea: Actually, if we say that Iron Goddess Tea is the “king”, and Iron Goddess of Mercy Tea will be the best of best, belonging to Oolong Tea category. With unique aroma fragrance, Iron Goddess of Mercy Tea taste mellow, thick but not dry. And its scent is very outstanding, and long time lasting. After brewing, its tea water is particularly clear even with jade leaves. Many chemical composition and mineral elements are contained in the Iron Goddess of Mercy Tea, which has a special function to human body health: anti-aging, resisting cancer, resist arteriosclerosis, prevention and control of sugar piss disease, weight loss, keeping strong and handsome, prevention and treatment of dental caries, sterilization check flow field, decrease internal heat, refresh the thought from ingesting, anti-smoke, and etc.


Weight: 80 g (2.82 oz).

Brewing Tie Kwan-yin with tureen

Preparation of tea sets / tureen, fair cup, tea cups, smelling cups, tea caddy, tea holder, tea props, and tea tray.
Preparation of water / above 95℃ boiling water
Selection of tea / Iron Goddess of Mercy Tea

1. Boil enough water. Put appropriate amount of Iron Goddess of Mercy Tea into the tea holder.

2. Inject hot water to tureen, then into fair cup, and then into tea cup to warm them in order.

3. Put the tea of 1/2 capacity of tureen with a teaspoon.

4. Put the boiling water into the tureen and quickly pour out.

5. Inject the boiling water into the tureen.

6. Extract liquid from tureen into the fair cup.

7. Put the tea from fair cup into smelling cups.

8. Put the tea cup upside down in the smelling cup and quickly reverse it.

9. Rub the smelling cup with hands and feel the aroma.

10. Savor the tea flavor.

About Tea

Citron cups are generally used for drinking Oolong tea but not large tea cups. Oolong tea is tasted with a small cup in three sips. Take a small sip when tea is hot, first smell its fragrance and then taste it, and smell while sipping. There comes the refreshing and long-lasting fragrance.

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