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Brewing difficulty: General difficulty
Best season to taste: Autumn
Origin: Phoenix Town, Chao Zhou, Guang Dong Province
Shape: stout strips, straight and uniform, yellow brown with red speckles.
Liquid: golden, clear and bright.
Aroma: lasting fragrance after brewing with a natural fragrance of orchid.
Taste: Mellow, fresh and sweet.
Brewed tea leaves: red edge, bright yellow in the middle.
Recognizing: Phoenix tea is divided into Phoenix Dancong, Langcai and Narcissus by quality. Phoenix Doncong is straight, stout and yellow brown, with the fragrance of natural flower. It tastes sweet and mellow. The soup is clear and the tea leaves is green with red. It can be brewed for several times.
Water temperature: high temperature.
Tea sets: Red mud teapot or Chaoshan little pot.
Amount of tea: Don't let the tea overtake the mouth of the pot after infusion.


Weight: 50 g (1.76 oz).

Includes: Tea Leaves, Packing Bag.

Quality Guarantee Period: 24 Months.

Phoenix Dancong tea: is a kind of Oolong tea, which originated from Phoenix mountain, Chaozhou city, Guangdong Province. Phoenix Dancong, also known as Guangdong Narcissus, is a bar-shaped tea. The main production area is Phoenix Mountain of Chaozhou City in Guangdong Province, where the altitude is 1,500 meters. It is misty and humid all around the year with large temperature difference between day and night. The conditions of Phoenix Tea are unique, with abundant rainfall and fertile soil. Thus Phoenix Dancong tea is gifted with the unique quality of "beautiful shape, green color,fragrant scent and sweet taste".


Phoenix Dancong tea is harvested and primarily produced by manual or by manual plus mechanical production. It has its "unique charm". It runs through sun drying, cooling, fixation, rolling and baking. Any mistake in processing may cause degrading the quality to Langcai or Narcissus.

The origin of Phoenix Dancong

Long, long time ago, there was a Golden Phoenix under the Mountain of Chao'an County in Guangdong Province who laid two eggs, then the two eggs were hatched into two young phoenixes. These two were super birds. They trained themselves in the mountains and do good things for people. Where there is a disaster,these two phoenixes will appear. Once the two phoenixes appeared, people could live in peace. The villagers loved them very much and named the mountain as "Phoenix Mountain", thus the tea produced here is called "Phoenix Dancong". Phoenix Dancong Tea Phoenix Dancong Tea Phoenix Dancong Tea Phoenix Dancong Tea Phoenix Dancong Tea Phoenix Dancong Tea

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Look just liked they said it would. I thought that the tea would be weak but it is actually has a very hearty flavor and I would definitely order them to enjoy again. This smell can make people feel relaxed. I recommend this for tea lovers.
Review by Anna-Maria / (Posted on 4/24/2019)
Make the best use of tea residual
I really like the flavour of dancong tea. I drink a lot of this tea everyday. So i purchase 5kg of it. I stored this tea in a big tin, but i forgot to put the lid on. My little son has put some water into the tin when i was on business travel for 2 weeks. Once i back, i found the tea leaves were deteriorated.

I do not want to throw it away for so many tea leaves. So i found a article in book that Make the best use of tea residual as below:

In daily life, you may feel a pity for tea residual or deteriorated tea because of improper storage. However, there are several effects.

1 Eliminating odor
After eating scallion, garlic or onion, you can chew some tea residuals to slowly get rid of odor in the mouth;
Tea residual can be placed at the bottom of the refrigerator to eliminate its odor;
Wet tea leaves are able to remove onion flavor and fishy Smell in a container;
Smell of cigarettes can be get rid of by heating tea residual;
Dried tea residual, used as pads in the shoes, can eliminate sweat and odor;
Burning and fuming the dried tea leaves can eliminate the odor of bathrooms or ditches and also repel mosquitoes.

2 Cleaning
Tea residual is used to wash dark clothing and have good effect of removing oil;
Scrubbing pots and pans with it can get rid of oil and make pots and pans more clean and bright;
Moreover, tea residual is also very effective for cleaning dirt on shoes, as well as that on the mirror, glass, windows and doors, wood furniture, and resin board.

3 Vacuuming and dehumidifying
Apply some tea residual on the carpet and sweep with a broom to thoroughly clean the carpet. This is because it can absorb strongly the dust on the floor and take it away;
The dried tea residual, put at a wet place, has the effect of dehumidifying.

4 Other magic effects
Rinsing your mouth after a meal with tea residual can kill harmful microorganisms;
Tea residual, to immerse the burned skin, is able to relieve pains;
Dried tea residual can be fillings of a pillow. Tea pillow touches soft, calms down anger, and even plays an auxiliary role of curing hypertension and insomnia;
The liquid for a few days sprinkling in plant roots can promote plant growth. But do not pour tea residual as it's not easy to clean, and after corruption, its residual may generate odor and breed pests.
Review by Travis / (Posted on 5/26/2017)

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