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Snow Water Green Cloud is a kind of green tea, which are very famous in Anhui, tiantai Zhejiang, lushan, dazhangshang mountain, eyebrow peak, Yushan of jiangxi province, and rainy city in Sichuan, lianyungang huaguo mountain of Jiangsu, hubei yidu, hubei powcan, hunan hengshan nanyue, guizhou, zhaoping Guangxi, Pingli Shanxi, and etc. Due to the tea which are grown in these places are affected by the climate condition of cool and foggy, forming the tea leaves are thick, more blessings. And also Cloud and Mist tea have many unique characteristics of containing tannins, aromatic oils and vitamin. So they are all fine tea. And its not only taste sweet, but also it have the role of helpping digestion, detoxification, sterilization, preventing gastrointestinal infection, increasing resistance to scurvy, and others.


Weight: 80 g (2.82 oz).

Includes: Tea Leaves, Packing Bag.

Wonderful and natural, transcendental and free from vulgar are the ways of life advocated by Chinese tea lovers. Tea drinking and brewing is a way of leisure life. Get a cup of tea, taste it, and calm yourself down.

Growing in the mountain and quiet valley, tea is the most classic plant. Tea Sutra written by Luyu narrates that to drink clean water and admire beautiful mountain, tea is naturally entrusted with human amorous feelings. High purity of spring and clean quality are what people pursue.

The famous person boils water and brews tea for the pursuit of quiet indifference, plain openness, and "pleasures in the pot". In the process of infusions, tea and water, human being and art, two from each group are combined to form one, allowing people to obtain transcendental spiritual enjoyment, which is a high level pursuit of beauty appreciation. Snow Water Cloud Green Tea Snow Water Cloud Green Tea Snow Water Cloud Green Tea Snow Water Cloud Green Tea Snow Water Cloud Green Tea Snow Water Cloud Green Tea

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