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Brewing difficulty: General difficulty
Best season to taste: Autumn
Origin: Fujian, Wuyishan.
Shape: the strip is tights, stout, and hemispherical. It is of large particle size with green color.
Liquid: clear, yellow with green.
Aroma: fresh and elegant fragrance.
Taste: smooth taste and sweet flavor of green fruit. It'll reveal the mountain atmosphere flavor with sweet and lasting aftertaste.
Brewed tea leaves: buds are soft, thick and flexible. Green leaves with red edge.
Recognizing: The top Alishan Oolong appears green with red edge after brewing. It tastes fresh and delicious and also has the quality of "beautiful rock and fragrant flower". Its color, aroma and taste will not change after 6 to 20 infusions. While the second grade Alishan Oolong tea can be brewed for over 7 times with obvious sweet aftertaste and significant rock charm. And the aroma of third grade of Alishan Oolong tea is fresh and lasting, yet the taste is not very dense and the aftertaste is not quite sweet.
Water temperature: It is better to use boiling water to brew the Alishan Oolong, yet you need to pay attention to low-flush the water in order not to scar the tea leaves.
Infusion times: As the old saying goes "the first infusion is liquid, the second, tea and the third and fourth, the essence." The 3rd and 4th infusions of Alishan Oolong are better.

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Weight: 100 g (3.52 oz).

Includes: Tea Leaves, Packing Bag.

Quality Guarantee Period: 24 Months.

Alishan Oolong represents Taiwan high mountain tea and is the most famous tea type among Taiwan Oolong tea. Benefited from the unique natural conditions of Alishan, Alishan Oolong is featured by freshness and sweetness with the taste of cold fever tea in high mountains.

Alishan tea district

Alishan district is located in Chiayi County of Taiwan, which is a famous tea-producing area. Alishan tea can be taken as the representative of Taiwan high mountain tea and the source of it. Tea gardens are located at the altitude between 800 meters to 1400 meters. The tea districts are distributed among the mountain tribes of Longmei, Xiding, Guanghua, Shizhuo, Shizilu, Dabang, Lijia and Fengshan. The teas produced by these mountain tribes are generally called Alishan high mountain tea.

Production area: ChiaYi, at an altitude of 2,600 to 5,600 feet (800 to 1,700m)

Harvest season: April, June, September and November

Cultivar: Qing Xin

Character: One of Taiwan's finest teas grown on the high altitude, misty slopes of Alishan mountain in Ghiayi County, the beautiful, twisted, dense pellets of tea give a pale, clear, greeny-yellow liquor that has an intense, sweet, very slightly toasted aroma and a full, creamy, slightly sappy flavour with distinct green tea notes. Ali Shan is an important tourist destination in Taiwan. The huge mountain, rising to a peak of more than 8,500 feet (2,600 m), is equipped with an elaborate infrastructure to handle the thousands of visitors that flock there every year to watch the sunrise from the summit, to hike in the forest or to take the local steam train. The highly renowned tea gardens are located on various lower slopes.

Tasting notes: Rich and heady floral aromas are released from the emerald-green leaves. The delicately vegetal infusion gives off notes of fruit and pastry. In the mouth, aromas of coconut, exotic fruit and vanilla combine in a luxurious bouquet. The whole fades into a long, sweet finish of flower nectar The texture is smooth and supple.

Brewing Tips: Brew 3-4g (0.10-0.14oz) in 200ml (7fl oz) of near boiling water for 1-2 minutes. Strain and add more water for 4-5 further infusions.

Recommended infusion method and accessory: The gong fu cha technique and a zhong or teapot.

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    First time using tea leaves and I wasn't disappointed. I've shared some with a few friends and ...

    First time using tea leaves and I wasn't disappointed. I've shared some with a few friends and they loved it too. I really like that after it cools and I've had some hot then I just put it in the fridge and start drinking it cold. The tea taste comes out even more then. I'm very pleased.

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