Electric Teapots

In the process of brewing tea, boiling water is very important part. Proper water temperature is critical to a good cup of tea, and electric teapot is the most common, convenient tool.

Electric teapot is also called "boil water device", is a commonly used to infuse water into teapot or pouring water to the pot surface.

Made of stainless steel, iron, pottery, glass or other material. Stainless steel or iron electric teapot should be placed on the electric stove.

It is best to choose our Electric Kettles to ensure product quality and after sales service. Buy a kettle with temperature control function, it will automatically power off after the water boils to prevent unattended dry and to avoid accidents.


1 When the new kettle is first used, boil some water in it and soak it for some time to remove the odor.

2 When using the electric teapot to brew tea, the spout is not appropriate for the guests.

3 Electric teapot is used to warm the kettle and clean devices.

Brew Tea

Nice tea needs good water and appropriate temperature. Water temperature directly affects the water-soluble substances in tea and the degree of evaporation of the aroma.

The three--boiling water theory

About water, Lu Yu, the first to propose the three-boiling theory, said: "the first boiling begins when the hot water makes little bubbles and low noise; the second boiling begins when the hot water generates continous bubbles; the third boiling begins when the hot water has rolling waves. The second boiling water is the most adapted water for brewing tea; water after three times of boiling can not be drunk.

Lu Yu divided the boiling water into three specific stages, ,which affected the tea tasting in the Tang, Song, Ming, and Qing Danasties. It is also very important to us today.

However, in reality, we usually use the electric kettle to boil water; the fire's size has been designed, so it is hard to master the timing of the second boiling. But we should not let the water boil for long, for that will make the tea color dark, bitter; which not only affects the quality of tea, but also the health.

So, if you want to get the best "second boiling" water, ,it needs careful operation, while we must pay attention to boiling water in a big fire and quick boiling instead of small fire and long boiling.

The ancients: cook tea with dew

About the water in cooking tea, Emperor Qianlong is very particular about it. He wrote a poem, in which the described how he cooked tea using the dew collecting from the lotus leave.

There was a short preface before the poem. In it, he said, the lighter the water is, the better the water is. Snow water and dew are lighter than spring water, however, snow water cannot be often got, so dew is the best choice during the summer and autumn.

When Chinese people make tea, they are very particular about the water-boiling. Su Dongpo, a well-known poet, he said if you can not boil water properly, then you can not get nice tea.

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