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Bai-Hao-Ying-Zhen: abbreviate Ying-Zhen, also called Bai-Hao, which is a kind of treasure of white tea, is white tea category and also one of the top ten famous tea in China. As the fresh leaves of raw materials are all buds, after made from Bai-Hao-Ying-Zhen , shaped like a needle, after brewing, aroma pure and fresh, taste full-bodied. Bai-Hao-Ying-Zhen is very precious. Its cold nature makes it so effective in curing defervescence, removing heat, detoxifcation that it is regarded as the good medicine for measles suffers. This white tea with a white downy appearance comes from the province of Zhejiang. The Silver Needle, highest quality white tea, is picked during the spring before the buds open to preserve its tenderness. Exquisite and delicate, Silver Needle has a fresh, sweet fragrance and produces a pale yellow brew. Brewing with a Yixing teapot can best show the aroma of Silver Needle. This tea has high concentrations of polyphenols (antioxidants that help fight against cancer-causing radicals and heart disease).


Weight: 80 g (2.82 oz).

Includes: Tea Leaves, Packing Bag.

Quality Guarantee Period: 24 Months.

Translation: Silver needles. The words bai hao, ("white down") indicate the superior grade of Yin Zhen.

Alternative names: Yin Zhen, Silver Needles

Region: Fujian Province (Fuding, ZhengheJianyang)

Harvest season: Late March to early April

Cultivar: Da Bai or Da Hao

Leaf: Slim, silver slivers.

Brew: Ineffably light and sweetness utterly uncloying. Brew 5g (0.1.8oz). in 200ml (7fl oz) water at 76°C (170°F) for 2 minutes. Strain and add more water to the leaves for a second infusion. Alternatively, for just one infusion, brew for 6-8 minutes.

Scoop: Named in Chinese for its reserves of passive yin energy, Silver Needle is a trusted antidote for too much heat in the system, and is an age-old remedy for the measles.

Character: Produced in Fujian province, this exquisite tea is made only from new buds that are picked before they start to open. 'Baihao' (pek-ho) refers to the tiny white hairs on the underside of each tightly curled leaf bud and which give the tea its beautiful silvery velvet appearance. Yinzhen is picked for only a few days each spring and is sometimes also referred to as Silver Needle White Fur, or Yinfeng. The neatly pointed silver buds stand upright in the water to give a pale yellow liquor that is smooth, sweet and extremely elegant.

The production of this tea, as we know it today, dates from the early Jia Qing period of the Qing dynasty (1796). This tea was grown exclusively as a tribute paid to the emperor At the time, wild tea buds were picked in the Fuding region. After 1885, these were replaced by the buds of the Da Bai tea tree. Considered a great delicacy, this tea is made from a harvest of fine picking in which only the buds are taken.

Tasting notes: The smell of fresh-cut hay and fields of flowers bathed in dew emanates from the steeped buds. The liquid, which tastes both sweet and vegetal, releases delicate notes of flowering clover and wheatgrass. Smooth and fluid, it leaves graceful aromas, in which apricot and artichoke combine, in the mouth. Its long finish, honeyed and thirst quenching, is soothing to the palate.

Infusing White Pekoe Silver Needle with tureen

Preparation of tea sets / glass tureen, fair cups, tea cup, filter and filter holder, tea holder, tea caddy, and tea tray.
Selection of tea / White Pekoe Silver Needle.

1. Boil enough water and then wait until the water temperature drops to about 80℃. Put proper amount of White Pekoe Silver Needle into tea holder.

2. Warm tea sets with boiling water, pour some hot water in the glass tureen, and then pour the water from tureen into the tea tray.

3. Use a teaspoon to put dried tea into the tureen.

4. Pour water of a full op.

5. Hold the cup holder with one hand and hold the tureen lid with the other hand, rotating to wake tea cup.

6. Lift up water pot to pour the water of 7/10 cup in tureen.

7. Pour water into the far cup from tureen.

8. Divide the tea liquid of fair cup equally to tea cups, and invite guests to drink.

Tea About

White tea is sweet and cold. It has the effects of retreating fever, reducing heat, and detoxification. A cup of white tea gets rid of summer heat. Yinzhen Bai Hao Tea Yinzhen Bai Hao Tea Yinzhen Bai Hao Tea Yinzhen Bai Hao Tea Yinzhen Bai Hao Tea Yinzhen Bai Hao Tea Yinzhen Bai Hao Tea

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White Tea
Really lovely tea. Smells wonderful and tastes just as I hoped it would. It's always wonderful to drink tea that has been produced with so much care. Anybody who's new or yet to enjoy the flavour and benefit of white tea are in for a special treat. white tea has a unique subtlety and character all of its own with none of the 'grassy' taste I find in green leaves. just relax and enjoy this perfect cup of tea.
Review by Marie Crothers / (Posted on 1/8/2019)
Beautiful tea
At first I thought this was too delicate - use more than you think you need. Once I got the strength right I was in love. No bitterness, no harshness, no sense of overstimulation from the caffeine. The flavour of this tea is lovely - smooth, subtle, complex, light and earthy at the same time. Worth the price.
Review by vivien / (Posted on 5/23/2018)

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