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1999 Yunnan Yuaobao Big Leaf Wild Qi Beeng – Tea Review - E

Zhou Yu: There were some definite good qualities in this tea. It had a very nice hui gan for example. The sensations in the upper palate were also pleasant and the tea tasted good. I felt the Qi was too weak to make it an excellent tea, though.

Lu Li Zhen: This tea had a nice, crisp aroma with a pleasant sweetness in the liquor. The density and cha yun were the best overall of all the samples in this review, I thought. I really enjoyed this tea.

Chen Zhi Tong: This tea had nice storage. The aroma was graceful and the sensations in the mouth were abundant and colorful, though stable as they should be. I thought the hui gan and sweetness were a bit weak, but I still enjoyed this tea a lot.

Chen Gan Bang: There was a strong fragrance of camphor in this tea - sometimes too strong. The liquor was a light yellowish-orange, without any of the deeper reds that suggest age or depth in a Puerh tea. I think it is probably younger, based on the color. It tasted slightly bitter and had some roughness to it, though I did find both of these to be weak. In the end, I felt that this tea just hasn't reached its time yet. It should be kept up on the shelf for several more years.

He Jing Cheng: The leaves were complete and mature. The patience was good, though the flavors changed a bit too much, like the previous tea. I ranked it sixth, but I really felt that it was just an average tea.