1998 Menghai Wild Arbor Qi Tse Beeng

1998 Menghai Wild Arbor Qi Tse Beeng – Tea Review - F

Zhou Yu: This tea has had some storage, but it hasn't been damaged by it all; nor has it changed into what you would call a "warehouse tea". The wetter storage has made the liquor more rich and deep and a lot of tea drinkers would probably enjoy this tea very much, it had a lot of different odors and tastes, which made it more enjoyable to drink than many of the other samples. This tea could definitely be enjoyed now.

Lu Li Zhen: There was some definite hui gan in this tea. It was strong and dark, with some slight bitterness. This tea was more enjoyable than several of the other samples we had here.

Chen Zhi Tong: The sensations of this tea struck me first. The yun was monotonous but complete and dynamic in the mouth. This alone suggests that this tea comes from good quality materials. The liquor was also rich and abundant. However, the strength of this tea started to wear on me later and I found the bitterness and roughness to get wearisome.

Chen Gan Bang: This tea had a strong aged aroma rarely present in so young a Puerh. Its aroma was strong and spread all through the ambience. It wasn't the greatest smell, but it was definitely forceful. The liquor was a deep, dark amber with some sorrel depths. It was bright, penetrative and sparkling. Of course, the liquor was active, strong and wild in flavor, all of which expanded and grew in the mouth. It was rich and sweet with nice hui gan. It caused me to salivate after drinking, which satisfied me and made me feel warm. I thought it was a good tea, and quite drinkable now, so I gave it an 80.

He Jing Cheng: This tea was a bit rough and bitter to me. The leaves were okay. It was very patient and strong, but the strength was often a bit over the top. I ranked it as 13th because I felt that it wasn't smooth enough.