2000 Yiwu Mountain Wild Tea (Purplish-red Piao) – Tea Review - A

2000 Yiwu Mountain Wild Tea (Purplish-red Piao) – Tea Review - A

Zhou Yu: The flavor of this tea was a bit dull, though there was a strong hui gan. There was a strange flavor as the tea first entered the mouth that is probably associated with poor storage. In all, I wasn't overly impressed with this tea.

Lu Li Zhen: The aroma of this tea was just average. The flavor was sweet, with some definite hui gan. It did have a strong bitterness that didn't transform and left me dissatisfied. It was a pity, considering its other good qualities.

Chen Zhi Tong: The storage of this tea was decent. The aroma didn't spread during brewing and was difficult to discern, but there was an abundance of flavor. The sensations (cha yun) were a bit monotonous. The hui gan was just average. The tea's strength seemed to be in the middle, where it presented itself most distinctly. I found the tea, overall, to be rather average.

Chen Gan Bang: This tea had a strong aroma on the lid of the gaiwan. The liquor was a deep orange or amber color. It tasted tender, moist and was definitely sweet enough. The tea is still very active, and yet one could definitely enjoy it now also. The hui gan was also good, the sensations in the throat lasted a long time. I found this to be a good tea, comfortable on the throat and body and easy to drink. gave it a 90 out of 100.

He Jing Cheng: The liquor of this tea wasn't bad, though a bit unsmooth. The leaves were very tender. I found the tea to be very patient. I ranked it second overall, because it was enjoyable and lacked some of the negativities I found in other samples. I could see myself enjoying this tea later.