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Stainless steel is made of iron chromium alloy and some other trace elements. Because of its good metal properties and corrosion resistance than other metals, the stainless steel are beautiful and durable. Therefore, more and more stainless steel are used to make teapots, and gradually use in the family.

The Features of Stainless Steel Teapots:

1. Adopt international advanced technology for antibacterial processing, healthy, fashionable and elegant.

2. Antibacterial, our stainless steel teapot made in a new type of stainless steel antibacterial material with the function of killing or inhibiting microorganisms. Its special feature is the material used. Antibacterial material refers to a new type of functional material that can inhibit or kill bacteria on the surface by adding certain antibacterial substances. You can rest assured to use our stainless steel teapots.

3. Good heat preservation effect.

Stainless Steel Teapot

How to Select Stainless Steel Teapots?

1. According to their own situation and actual needs, a 1.0L~1.2L teapot can be used for families with 2-3 members, a stainless steel teapot about 1.8L can be used for 4-5 people.

2. When selecting stainless steel teapots, it is better to check whether the stainless steel teapots have relevant certification marks. Such as "CCC" certification mark.

3. Not recommended to buy the stainless steel products in the small vendors. There are many stalls on the street, and the boss always attracts passers by at very low prices. In fact, most of stainless steel teapots in the street stalls are fake, and real stainless steel products are not that cheap. Because the price of the product is determined according to the cost of the production material, the light "stainless steel" is definitely not edible food grade stainless steel, so we are highly recommend not to buy those fake and shoddy products cheaply, which will harm your health.

Stainless Steel Teapot

Use Notice

1. Use a small amount of boiling water (or ice water) to preheat or pre-cool for 1 minute before use, the effect of heat preservation and cold preservation will be better.

2. Please don't put it in the place where the children can touch, and pay attention not to let the children play, which may cause scald.

3. Please be careful of scalding when putting hot drinks into the teapot.

4. Recommend to brew tea in tea bag, because the loose tea leaves in the teapot may change inside color of the teapot when it is kept warm for a long time.

5. Do not put the stainless steel teapot into the dishwasher, dryer or microwave oven.

Stainless Steel Teapot

How to Clean the Stainless Steel Teapot?

Although stainless teapot will not rust, it will inevitably grow scale. If the scale is not cleaned for a long time, it will greatly increase the heating time of boiling water, thus wasting more power resources. However, how to remove the scale of stainless steel teapot is disturbing for everyone. Here are some methods to remove scale:

1. Vinegar descaling. This method is the simplest and most practical method. Everyone knows that the main components of scale are carbonates and other calcium carbonate. The acetic acid in the vinegar will react with it to produce minerals and carbon dioxide gas that are dissolved in water. You can buy white vinegar in supermarkets, add 10% of the white vinegar on the scale of the kettle, fill it with water, let it boil for about an hour, and then scrub it. Black vinegar is fine, but it is not as effective as white vinegar.

2. Cooking yam to remove scale. Put more than half a teapot of yam, add water, cook the yam and heat the water, there will be no water scale then in future use. But we should pay attention to the inner wall of the pot after boiling yam, otherwise it will lose the function of descaling. For the old teapot which has been full of scale, the original scale will gradually fall off after being boiled once or twice with the above method, and it can prevent the scale from accumulating again.

3. Remove scale with baking soda. Generally, stainless steel teapots are easy to form scale when boiling water. You can put 1 teaspoon of baking soda and boil for a few minutes to remove the scale. Or can also pour into the concentration of 1% of bicarbonate water about 500 g, gently shake rinse, scale can be removed.

4. Boil eggs to remove scale. Generally, stainless steel teapot is hard and hard to remove scale after a long time of use. If you use it to cook eggs twice, you will get an ideal effect. Break the two eggshells slightly, put them into the teapot, then put half a pot of water, stir with a blender or spoon, and then boil, place for about half an hour, pour out the eggshell, and then rinse twice with water.

Stainless Steel Teapot

How to Take Care of Your Stainless Steel Teapot?

1. In order to prolong the service life of the teapot, the mineral deposits in the teapot should be cleaned regularly.

2. Before use, you can coat a thin layer of vegetable oil on the inner surface of the pot, and then dry it on the fire. This is equivalent to wearing a layer of yellowish oil film "clothes" on the surface of the pot. In this way, it is easy to clean and prolong the service life.

3. The thermal conductivity of stainless steel teapot is lower than that of iron and aluminum products, and the heat transfer time is slow. Therefore, do not heat it when it is empty.