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Assam Duflating Orthodox Black Tea

Production area: Assam
Harvest season: June
Cultivar: Assamica hybrid

Assam is one of the largest tea-growing regions in the world, and Duflating is one of the largest gardens in Assam. It has several thousand employees and an annual output of close to 2 million pounds (1 million As with most gardens in the region, it mostly uses CTC production and creates teas intended for mass distribution. However; a small portion of the garden is reserved for the production of higher-quality orthodox teas. This remarkable tea is one of the finest Assam grands crus. Unusually for this region, it is made from a fine-picked harvest and undergoes rigorous sorting.

Tasting notes: The small, twisted leaves seem to consist only of delicate golden buds. Infusion releases rich fragrances of grains and blond tobacco.. The shiny liquid is a dark reddish orange. The texture in the mouth is thick and silky. A slight bitterness carries a malty dominant harmonized with the fruity aromas of ground cherry and almond as well as a subtle note of raw sugar The supple tannins offer structure and balance. A light astringency accompanies a long aftertaste of burnt sugar

Recommended infusion accessory: A Chinese teapot.