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Awakening in The TAETEA System of Chadao Practice

Essential doctrine

Awakening refers to warming up of tea cups and other utensils during the brewing process. By extension, it refers to enlightenment of peopled spiritual life while warming up and awakening the tea sets. This procedure can slightly raise the temperature of the tea sets, so that the tea leaves in the Zisha tea pots and cups can exhibit better color, aroma, taste, and shape, thus creating optimal environment a good cup of tea. Prior to awakening, the tea sets are cold and dry. On awakening, they become warm and moist, Meanwhile, tea drinkers' spiritual life gets moistened too.

Soup for the Soul

"Anointing head with cream" is a phrase in Buddhist scripture that means to fill someone with wisdom so that he or she would be fully enlightened. It is used to refer to great enlightenment after hearing words of wisdom. The cream of Chadao is the tea drink. Tea leaves are a godsend and the cream of tea leaves is the tea drink and a brand new form of tea's being. Those who drink tea will get nourished and enlightened by tea. The easily enlightened can awaken their sleepy mind with a cup of tea and see their true nature in a cup of tea. The tea drinker does not just get awakened by but also gets inspired and enlightened by tea, and that's the glamour of Precisely, what tea cultivates is maturity, which is a prerequisite for independence and self-reliance, life is not all plain sailing, but often full of ups and downs. We cm all feel lost, hard-pressed and down. We can come across tortuous paths and find ourselves burnt out. We can all feel lost and don't know where our future lies, what we need most is pertinent advice or even constructive criticism. Mentors' guidance and friends' advice are a kind of spiritual anointing that gives us peace of mind, clear direction and determination to move on.