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Bancha Shizuoka Green Tea

Translation: Third harvest tea and name of the prefecture where it is grown
Production area: Shizuoka Prefecture
Harvest season: June for the best-quality teas and September for the nest
Cultivar: Yabukita

Bancha was the everyday tea for most Japanese until the middle of the Edo era (1603-1868), when Sencha became the most popular tea in Japan, to rural and mountainous regions, every household once grew a small amount of Bancha for its personal consumption.

Tasting notes: The large pieces of leaf that make up the summer Bancha tea (harvested in June) are irregular in shape and produce a humble, robust impression. The dark-green leaves are flattened, and pale-yellow stems are scattered among them. The infusion gives off delicate marine and herbaceous notes with the fruity accent of fresh almonds. The yellow-green liquid is shiny and clear: the mouth feel is full, smooth and sweet, with hardly any bitterness. Aromas of fresh grass and white fish mingle harmoniously. The finish is a feeling of thirst-quenching freshness.

Recommended infusion accessory: A glass teapot.