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Sencha Fukamushi Aji Green Tea

Translation: Infused tea, long dehydration and the name of a hill
Production area: Shizuoka Prefecture
Harvest season: Early May
Cultivar: Yabukita

In Japan, there are two major styles of Sencha tea: Asamushi and Fukamushi, Asamushi is characterized, by a short dehydration period and rigorously sorted leaves, which produces a light tea with a delicate, vegetal freshness. Fukamushi teas have a longer period of dehydration and more fine particles are preserved during the sorting, which brings out the strength of the tannins and gives the tea a more iodized flavor. The frank and direct taste of Fukamushi makes it the most popular type of Sencha among the Japanese.

Tasting notes: The dry leaves are a mixture of short flattened needles and finely broken pieces. Infusion transforms their dark-green satiny texture into a rather stiff paste. The nose carries aromas of green vegetables and sea grasses enhanced with a floral touch. The foamy green liquid is slightly cloudy, The mouth feel is quite full bodied; the attack conjures up freshly cut grass and develops a certain bitterness. Retro-olfaction releases notes of cooked spinach and fresh geranium flowers against a strong background of vegetal and iodized aromas.

Recommended infusion accessory: A Chinese style teapot.