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Darjeeling Autumn Gopaldhara "Red Thunder" Black Tea

Production area: Darjeeling, Western Bengal
Harvest season: October
Cultivar: AV2, P3I2, BI57

Known as Red Thunder; this tea requires very specific harvest conditions that occur only a few days a year Only a very small quantity is produced. It is picked in the highest section of the garden, the famous Wonder Tea section, which produces Gopaldhara's renowned wulong. Unlike the wulong, Red Thunder is harvested in the fall and undergoes more intense oxidation.

Tasting notes: The robust-looking leaves, rolled by hand and broad and irregular in shape, display various tones of copper and include numerous buds. The woody nose conjures up stewed red fruit. The supple, dark mahogany liquid has a pleasant floral attack. Comforting aromas of fruit and spices gently combine to create a good balance. The peppery finish, typical of Gopaldhara teas, gives way to a long, delicately aromatic aftertaste.

Recommended infusion accessory: A stainless steel teapot or zhong.