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Darjeeling Gopaldhara Wonder Tea First Flush

Production area: Darjeeling, Western Bengal
Harvest season: Late March
Cultivar: A blend of clones B157, AV2, P312

This tea comes from one of the highest areas of the Darjeeling plantations, at an altitude of more than 7,200 feet (2,200 m). It is in this particular section of the Gopaldhara garden that Wonder Tea is grown. The Gopaldhara garden has adapted the methods of processing black tea that have made this region famous to the production of wulong tea. The whole leaves undergo prolonged withering and partial oxidation of about 35 percent Darjeeling expertise being adapted and applied to a very high-quality raw material has led to the development of an exceptional tea that is constantly gaining recognition in the industry.

Tasting notes: The coppery-green leaves are remarkably large and whole, attesting to the cane taken in their processing. Infusion releases a heady aromatic bouquet a floral combination with accents of hay and oxidized apple. The golden liquid distils smooth, fruity notes. The floral dominant, sustained through to the finish, has aromas of fresh peach and melon combined with notes of celery and pepper; typical of Gopaldhara teas. This tea has exceptional balance and a long and full mouth feel that is relaxing and delightful.

Recommended infusion accessory: A cast iron teapot or zhong.