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Dong Shan Green Tea

Translation/alternative name: Mountain of the East
Region: Jiangsu Province
Harvest season: April to May
Cultivar: QunTi Xiao Ye Zhong

This tea is named after the mountain and the village where the famous Bi Luo Chun tea originated. Its recent history dates back only, about 10 years. It is produced from the same tea trees as the Bi Luo Chun variety. The leaves are handpicked, but the processing is entirely mechanical. Once the short season of the Bi Luo Chun tea is oven the production of Dong Shan begins. The rich, aromatic potential of the exceptional gardens thus becomes available in a more modest form, so that it can be enjoyed on a daily basis.

Tasting notes: The dark-green Dong Shan leaves produce an infusion with pronounced accents of ripe peaches, sunflower seeds and fresh scallops. Its sturdy liquid is rich and silky. The mouth feel is intense, conjuring up seaweed and walnut The persistent finish narrows to a touch of astringency.

Recommended infusion accessory: A glass teapot.