Eight-sides Square Yixing Teapots

Eight-sides Square Yixing Teapots

It is not common of eight-sides square wares in the purple clay square teapots. Most of them are inequilateral eight-sides ware.

* Low eight-sides tea sets, modem times, Shen Xiaolu made.

This body is non-proportioned eight-sides, pulm shoulder, short neck, compressed cover, anomalous button and mouth. The whole shape is simple and clean, joints by sides are neat and in order, these should be the wonderful keys of this teapot.

* Eight-sides teapot, modern times, Lu Yaochen made. The body is octagon suare shape, small upside and big underbelly only be cut down from four comers,so it is as 1/4 big as whole side. Flat shoulder and eight-side mouth, inlaid cover and decorated by the tuisted clay pattern, the button is anomaous (rapezoid. Suare straight flow-mouth and handle, there are short feet on each coner.

* High eight-sides teapot, modern times, Cao Wanfen made.

The body is anomalous octagon pillared, round shoulder, short neck, pressed cover and a circle convex lip rim, ,the button is squareness bridge shape, added bottom, three curl flow-mouth,changed from round to octagon, irregular square handle. The whole moulding seems like a hanging lanterm.