Eight Teachings of the TAETEA System

Eight Teachings of the TAETEA System

The Eight Teachings of the TAETEA System are both a set of elegant and procedural skills to brew tea and are self-motivating methods of self-introspecting Chadao studies. It consists of eight interrelated, consecutive of arrays of moves, including cleansing, gening, awakening, measuring, cultivating, experiencing, sharing and finishing. As Chadao study methods, the Eight Teachings combine tea, water, Chinese tea sets, and art into one organic entity. As they are both the prerequisite of Chadao practice and the actualization of the ways and means of Chadao, their significance cannot be overemphasized Any form of art, whether music, chess, calligraphy or painting, has to start with training in the basics. In Chinese calligraphy, for example, one has to start by practicing eight ways of writing the Chinese character "永" Chadao is no exception. The Eight Teachings of TAETEA System are none other than basic, compulsory classes of Chadao learners. Only by practicing the basics, focusing cm each act and procedure and brewing every pot of tea with care can one see possible improvements Therefor, no Chadao learners should take these teachings lightly.

The Eight Teachings of the TAETEA System are as simple as they are elegant, aptly embodying the tenet of "cherishing tea and loving people," the four aesthetic dimensions of Chadao, which are "purity, serenity, integrity and elegance" and the Chadao spirit of latency, sincerity, benefit and harmony."

The eight teaching are as follows:

  1. Cleansing: wash hands, quiet down and concentrate on preparation.
  2. Opening: lay out the tea set, open up the mind and show sincerity.
  3. Awakening: douse the tea set, pour hot water into the pot and cups to warm and moisten them so that the soul of the tea may be awakened.
  4. Measuring: take a suitable measure of tea and act in proportion.
  5. Cultivating: add boiled water, wait patiently for the brewing tea until the essence of the tea infiltrates into the water.
  6. Experiencing: take the first sip of the tea to get the real and original taste.
  7. Sharing: invite friends over to share because the joy of tea drinking is in the sharing.
  8. Finishing: put the tea set away and rest.

The Eight Teachings of the TAETEA System strive for perfect beauty and call for a proper balance between opening and closeness, action and inaction, and a smooth sequence resembling the drifting of clouds and the flow of waters. In substance, the teachings emphasize the graceful coordination of gestures, eye contact, facial expressions, breathing rhythms, body movement, apparels, utensils, and design settings. The teachings can be applied flexibly and openly, not just through self-study or public courtesy and etiquette, What is required of self-study is indescribable serenity of mind and purity of heart, and what is required of public courtesy and etiquette is poise, elegance, the harmonious meeting of minds and spiritual communication between hosts and guests.

The Eight Teachings of the TAETEA System originate from the cardinal principles and profound cultural underpinning of Chinese Chadao. The system highlights a plain, smooth and aesthetically appealing style. The purport of the teachings is cultivation of the mind and comprehension of the ways of tea. In a word, they represent formal beauty, rich connotation, elegance of setting, and lasting and unforgettable taste.