First Global Exhibition of the Tea Industry: Guangzhou Tea Expo Will Take Place Grandly from Nov. 24 to Nov. 27

First Global Exhibition of the Tea Industry: Guangzhou Tea Expo Will Take Place Grandly from Nov. 24 to Nov. 27

Six Major Exhibition Areas Will Gather Excellent Tea Production Enterprises of the World

Guangzhou Tea Expo reputed as "No. 1 Global Exhibition of Tea Industry" in the trade will open in November this year!

It is reported that The 12th Guangzhou International Tea Culture Festival & China (Guangzhou ) International Tea Industry Exposition (called "Guangzhou Tea Expo" for short) will continue to be held in Pazhou Exhibition Hall of China Import and Export Fair Complex. The exhibition scale will reach 50,000 square meters with exhibitors form more than 20 provinces and cities, Hong Kong-Macau-Taiwan and more than 10 countries and regions such as Kenya, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Italy and so on It be the largest pageant of the tea industry of China and even the whole worlds with the biggest number of excellent tea enterprises gathering Here.

The exhibits of this Guangzhou Tea Expo will be much richer, covering thousands of kinds in 6 major tea types; in addition, there will be ail kinds of tea vessels and tea furniture from all places, such as products made of red porcelain, ceramics, stone, wood, jade and so on. It will cover all the tea-related industries, such as production, processing, packaging, circulations marketing, consumption and so on. Above all, in the present times, along with the fast growth of the tea industry, our country's tea manufacture has entered the stage of development of commercial production and industrialization, and the improvement of tea machinery will play a great promoting role in the development of the tea industry. With the aim to promote the development of the industry, Guangzhou Tea Expo of 2011 will arrange a professional show of tea machinery, covering various machinery in tea planting methods, tea production, processing and packaging in China and foreign countries. On the foundation of the five major professional exhibition halls of the last expo, namely, Hall of Chinese Famous Brands, Hall of International Famous Teas, Hall of Classical Puerh Tea, Hall of Tea Service Culture and Hall of Various Tastes of Tea, we shall add the Hail of Tea Machinery. With major exhibition areas, we shall offer more chances for professional audience and common citizens to visit and purchase.

Three Great Contests in the Trade

"Golden Sheep Award" Contest for Quality Tea Vessels, and "Guangdong Tea Artists Job Skill" Contest are two major authoritative contests in the trade sponsored by Guangzhou Tea Expo, which has already produced a wide influence within the trade. In this Guangzhou Tea Expo, we shall place more stress on the authoritativeness and justness of the contests. In this Tea Expo, we shall also hold a national appraisal activity for famous-brand tea products, aiming to promote the improvement of the quality of the famous-brand tea products of the country and the upgrading of their brand value.

"Golden Sheep Award" Contest for China's Quality Tea Vessels is the second event after its success in 2010, its results will be announced during Guangzhou Tea Expo of 2011 in the period from Nov. 24 to Nov. 27, and a prize presenting ceremony will be held then. "Golden Steep Contest for Appraisal of Quality Tea Vessels was already started up in May; the scope of appraisal has been expanded from that of last year, without restriction to red porcelain tea vessels, as any kind of tea vessel can enter the appraisal contest. Once the message was sent out, it triggered a warm reverberation and many people in the trade signed up for the contest. The contest is held by the organizing committee jointly set up by three authoritative institutions in the trade, namely, China Association of Industrial Art, Jiangsu Province Confederation of Industrial Art and Guangdong Province Association of Industrial Ar,so as to ensure the authoritativeness and professionalism of the activity in all aspects. In addition, there is a judging team composed of country-level masters, distinguished experts and scholars in the trade of industrial art. This award is regarded as a country-level award and can serve as one of the proofs of outstanding achievements for applying for honorary titles or professional titles.

Guangdong Tea Artists' Job Skill Contest started in 2006 and has already been praised by tea art practitioners and lovers, becoming one of the contests arousing the greatest interest in the trade, and growing more and more mature. Guangdong Tea Artists' Job Skill Contest of 2011 has already been started up, which is sponsored by Guangdong Province Confederation of Trade Union of Tea Industry and Guangdong Province Center of Job Skill Judging and Guidance, undertaken by the organizing committee of China (Guangzhou) International Tea Expo of 2011, and co-sponsored by Job Skill Judging Institute of Agricultural College of South China Agricultural University and tea industry associations of all the provinces joining the contest. The final is scheduled during Guangzhou Tea Expo, and the winners are hopeful to get the national professional qualification certificate. Many groups and individuals engaged in tea art in the country are signing up for the contest actively.

The nationwide appraisal campaign for famous-brand tea products in 2011 has already been started up and the results will be announced during Guangzhou Tea Expo of 2011 together with the prize presenting ceremony. This contest with the aim to build up famous-brand tea products with national influence and high authority, will have a great positive effect on enhancement of the quality of famous-brand tea products.

Asia's Largest Exhibition Will Offer the Grand Finale in the Tea Trade

In response to the tea merchants' requirement, the last Guangzhou Tea Expo was moved from Zhongzhou Center to Bazhou Exhibition Hall of China Fair of Commodities for Import and Export. The brand-new upgrading of the exhibition area, exhibition participants, exhibits and exhibition layout and so on was realized during the period of Dec. 23 to Dec. 26, 2010. The number of people joining the event exceeded 100,000 person-times, and both sales and exhibition were flourishing. It became the veritable "No. 1 Exhibition of the Tea Industry in the World" showing again the "Wind Vane" and "Thermometer" effects of Guangzhou Tea Expo in China's tea market. Hence, China (Guangzhou) International Tea Expo has won the supreme honor in "The 8th China Exhibition Summit Forum & Prize Presenting Ceremony of China Exhibition Industry of 2010", namely, "Grand Prize of China's Brand Name Exhibition of the First Decade of the New Century". Ms. Hu Weihong, board chairperson of Guangzhou Yiwu International Exhibition Co., Ltd. as the undertaking institution, won the prize of "Outstanding Contributions to China's Exhibition Economy in 2010".

From 2011, Guangzhou Tea Expo will be held twice a year, in spring and autumn respectively. In May 26-30, we held the Spring Guangzhou Tea Expo at Zhengzhou Center successfully, with an exhibition area reaching 30000 square meters and 800 exhibition positions of international standard, becoming the most noticeable spring tea expo In the first half year of 2011. This year the annual grand finale of the tea trade of China or even the whole world, namely, Guangzhou Tea Expo of 2011, will be held grandly on Nov. 24-27, At present, all the preparatory work is in process. Corporations from China and foreign countries are signing up actively for the exhibition, most exhibition counters have been reserved, and all kinds of trading and cultural activities are in careful preparation. In addition to the three major contests in the trade, there will be a tea industry forum, introduction meetings of famous teas of all places, tea art performance in songs and dance, and so on. All such activities will be even more wonderful than before.

On the occasion, the world-top-rate exhibition hail and largest exhibition hall of Asia, Exhibition Hall of China Fair of Commodities for Import and Export, will offer you the most eye-catching pageant in the tea trade. (Lucky)