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Gong Fu Tea Brewing

Each issue we plan to offer one method of brewing Gong Fu tea by Gong Fu Tea Set. It isn't better than any other. After all, even the masters who have been drinking tea for decades all have different approaches. In this section we will focus on some of these and hopefully provide some useful tips and techniques to improve your tea experience. As with a buffet, please come to these techniques and take what you like or find useful, and leave the rest.


Pot: Modern master-crafted zisha
Cups: Simple porcelain cups
Water: Brought from a Wuyi mountain spring
Fire: Electric, induction and a handmade Yixing kettle
Tea: First generation Da Hong Pao
Description: The tea leaves are long, reddish-brown with shades of green. The smell is exquisitely deep and lasting. They have the fragrance of a thousand blossoms. Every leaf is distinguished and perfect. The liquor is amber and incredibly deep. It is an ineffable tea.

1 Spectators listened to a recording of the story of the origin of Da Hong Pao.
2 Perfonners from the Wuyi Shun Tea Art Team show the tea leaves covered in red cloth.
3 The performers demonstrate a traditional offering of incense and gratitude prayers to the sacred leaves prior to drinking it.
4 She shows the tea leaves to the guests.
5 The performer demonstrates the way to hold the teapot during steeping.
6 The performer carefully puts the tea leaves into the pot.
7 As the tea is being steeped, she raises and lowers the kettle. This lowers the water temperature slightly and also looks beautiful.
8 She pours the lea into the cup. In Wuyi. she explains, they call this "Han Xin Dian Bian," which refers to the streaming from cup to cup in the way a famous Han general would have taken the attendance of his officers.
9 She demonstrates how to hold the cup. covering the mouth and nose co keep the aroma near her face.