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Guangzhou Tea Expo, Spreading Out Spring Beauty in 2011 By Chen

Renowned as "The World's No. 1 Tea Expo", China (Guangzhou) Tea Expo has successfully established its reputation in the tea industry during the past 5 years. It developed with the revival and prosperity of the tea industry in southern China and even the whole country, which has greatly helped integrate the traditional and modern tea culture. To expand the positive effects and provide more chances of communication and cooperation for Chinese enterprises from tea producing, manufacturing and tradings China (Guangzhou) Tea Expo will be firstly held in Continental this spring season. It is expected that the coming Tea Expo will fuel tea business opportunities and enhance the international competitiveness of Chinese tea industry.

As a brand fair in the tea industry, Tea Expo this spring season will continue providing wide choices of various kinds of tea related exhibits, including tea Leaves, teaware, tea drinks, tea foods, tea-related health care products, tea crafts, tea furniture, tea-themed tourism, tea packaging and its design, new technology for tea-planting and packaging, etc.

Generally speaking, spring tea, especially the black tea and green tea, is said to have better favour and nutrition than tea producing in other seasons, mainly for its favourable growing environment. Therefore, for the tea leaf exhibits of this spring Tea Expo, black tea and green tea will be the featured categories. From some comments of tea lovers, black tea is regarded as "the tea of magnanimity", for it still tasted good when mixed with different materials, such as milk, sugar and lemon juice, etc. Another featured tea category will be green tea. Green tea has the most medical value and the least caffeine content of all Chinese tea. Aroma is medium to high, flavour is light to medium. For most people who don't like strong taste, green tea should be one of the best choices. In Tea Expo this spring, visitors are expected to meet with the most complete varieties of green tea, including Dragon Well (Long Jing), Mellon Seed (Gua Pian) and Monkey King (Hou Kui), etc.

Besides the tea with spiring charm, tea with Guangdong characteristic is also going to the stage in this spring Tea Expo. For example, there is Yingde Black Tea, which has the long-standing history in Guangdong province. It shows great quality in colour, fragrance and favour especially when it's mixed with other materials. By far, it has been introduced to over 70 countries and regions around the world and it was once serviced as a kind of special tea for distinguished guests of the British royal family. Other famous Guangdong Tea is also to participate in Tea Expo this spring, including Dan Cong Tea, producing in Chaozhou city, Muring Jin Gut Tea and Qilan Tea, different kinds of Oolong Tea, producing in Xingning city, etc.

To enrich the content of Guanshou Tea Expo, the organizer focuses on the combination of traditional culture and innovative ideas in activity planning. We not only share the beauty of oriental culture, the activities also provide amusement and enjoyment for the exhibitors and audiences. Some feature activities include a Chinese Brand Tea Lecture, Innovative Tea Desserts Tasting, Tea Photography Show and Tea Tasting, etc. For the Chinese Brand Tea Lecture, experts from tea industry will be invited to discuss the top ten teas in the world, mainly about their history, attribute, and differentiation. For the Tea Desserts Tasting, people are expected to savour special innovative tea food, all of which uses tea as the main ingredient. Besides the tasting, learning and sharing with the cookers will also play important role in this activity. In a word, all of the activities aim at spreading tea culture and providing the exhibitors and audience a fruitful gathering.

As one of the most noticeable fairs, China (Guangzhou) Tea Expo is sure to fuel the energy of the tea trade, and to show tea charm with spring beauty.