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Here Comes a Tea Expo, Guangzhou 2009 China's Most Influential Brand Show

By Huang Xiao Fei. Mai Li Xin

Tea Expo, Guangzhou 2009 and the 10th Guangzhou International Tea Culture Festival will be held at the Continental Exhibition Center in Guangzhou China from November 26-30, 2009. With a space of 36,000 square meters and 1,000 booths, it is the largest-scale and the most professional tea fair in China. Tea Expo, Guangzhou has received a positive response and support from tea producers and associations from all the tea origins around Chinese, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Vietnam and Australia. A variety of tea and tea-related products such as teaware, tea furniture, tea food and tea will be everywhere.

A total of more than 90,000 visitors from 36 countries took part in the last expo. They generally expected that Tea Expo, Guangzhou 2009 would expand consumption market and give strong motivation to the development of China’s tea industry. Over the past several years, Tea Expo Guangzhou and the Tea Culture Festival have become famous tea events which have been promoting Chinese Tea culture and its economy. This year, the two important events will be held together, organized by professional associations in the industry such as the China Tea Marketing Association and Guangdong Tea Procession Association, supported by the municipal government, executed by Guangzhou Yuexiu Exhibition Co., Ltd which has rich experience in trading shows. As everyone expects, the exhibition is expanding to a higher level.

Exhibitors are showing great enthusiasm for the fair. Most of them have got the well-prepared for the new products and booths design. All booths were sold out by September, and most of the designated products of the general assembly have been booked by enterprises, including tea, teaware, water, black tea, rock tea, Taiwan oolong tea and teabags from the Vietnam Tea Association, Sri Lanka lea Board, the East African Tea Exporters Association, and other agencies from Asian and African tea producing countries. To the organizers and supporters, Tea Expo Guangzhou is not only an exhibition, but also a good opportunity to explore the global tea market, and to enhance cultural exchanges between each other.

According to the organizer of the Tea Expo Guangzhou, featured activities are under planning. Tens of thousands of people will enjoy free, fine tea tasting. Contemporary and modern masters' works will be displayed at the Chinese Zi-Sha Culture Gallery. Modern and creative teaware will be shown in a Teaware Design Competition, Enterprisers and experts will have a face-to-face talk at a Chinese Tea Industry Marketing Forum. 108 pieces of blue and white porcelain works and poems will be shown at the Tea Culture Calligraphy Gallery.

Different kinds of Tea Art and Tea Ceremony Performances and Lectures will be on stage alternately. Visitors may join any activities on the spot, or just enjoy their shopping, choosing Iron goddess, Rock Tea, Puerh, Tippy, Dragon Well Green, Black Tea, etc,, or go around to appreciate Taiwan Pottery Teaware, Fujian bamboo Tea Sets, Yixing Zi-sha Teapots, Huang Rosewood Furniture, Japan Tetsubins, and Korean and Australia Tea Sets.

Mr. Li Guang Tao, the general manager of Guangzhou Yue Xiu Exhibition Company, the exe-cuter of Tea Expo Guangzhou, said that the welcome banquet at this time will be very impressive, too. It is the largest scale in the history of the fair. All the exhibitors and guests, the elites of the industry, will get together to share a relaxing and happy time, communicating freely and watching wonderful acrobatic and circus performances.

Here comes the annual big tea event! More wonderful surprises are waiting you at the Tea Expo, Guangzhou 2009, this November.