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Hojicha Shizuoka Roasted Green Tea

Translation: Roasted tea and the name of the prefecture
Alternative names: Bancha Hojicha, Houjicha
Production area: Shizuoka Prefecture
Harvest season: Late in the season, usually September
Cultivar: Yabukita

This tea is a Bancha whose leaves have been roasted until they turn completely brown, which standardizes the flavor of the tea leaves. In Japan, it is customary to serve "this tea hot in winter, for comfort, and cold in summer; for refreshment. It is also often used in the commercial production of bottled iced teas. However, it is still common to find a small earthenware pan, used to roast a small quantity of leaves over a gas flame for personal consumption, in Japanese family kitchens.

Tasting notes: The large roasted leaves, mixed in with pieces of stem, are uniformly bronze in color. Infusion releases calming roasted and woody aromas. The clean amber-colored liquid has the same bouquet The mouth feel is delicately sweet. Subtle notes of nut and vanilla, as well as a fine vegetal presence, are overlaid on the woody, roasted base. The texture is aqueous without a trace of tannin. The airy finish is gently honeyed.

Recommended infusion accessory: A medium-sized teapot.