Inscription of "made during the QianLong period, Qing Dynasty" on Purple Clay Teapots

Inscription of "made during the QianLong period, Qing Dynasty" on Purple Clay Teapots

The purple clay teapots sent into royal court during the middle and late- Qing Dynasty. Because of the Emperor Kangxi focus on enamel colored porcelain with great passions, to make the enamel colored removed onto the purple clay teapots. During the Yongzheng Period, the department of the interior for royal court recorded, "in 10th October, Yongzheng next ten years, Cangzhou handed four pieces of Yixing teapots with decorative golden flower pattern outside of pots. And king thought these were a little stupid, ordered to make small samples first to show."

In the records of QianLong period, it is said,f 5th October, QianLong next 25 years, Yixing manufactures.…sent.... four purple clay teapots."

It is not hard to know that the Yixing purple clay teapots were loved by Qing royal family according to these above documents.

However, the handed purple clay teapots could not satisfied the need of royal court's lush life in Qianlong Period, since he imitated the Emperor Kangxi to order the department of the interior producing a kind of teapot added with golden decoration on the base of purple clay, this was the golden color landscape and poem purple clay teapot in Qianlong Period. These teapots' inscriptions were carved as "made during the QianLong period, Qing Dynasty" or "made in QianLong Period".

Little later people imitated this kind of teapots. They produced this kind of teapots in QianLong Period, used the moulding method for making characters cut in relief, but nowadays, people use the slurry painting, and the technique could not reach that high level. On the other hand, the new imitations of characters cut in relief is vast different with the color of teapots.