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Inscriptions of "Kangxi Drive Makes" on Purple Clay Teapots

The three periods of Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong in early-Qing Dynasty were the golden age of developments of Qing Dynasty. Regions south of the Yangtze River at this time, economic was prosperity, especially the Yixing pottery industry had already developed the pottery center of China, they set lots of kilns, and a myriad of twinkling lights at that time. Not only the scholars advocated the famous purple clay teapots, but also became the favorite vessels in royal court gradually, and the local handed them as articles of tribute on to the royal court and family.

Because of the Emperor Kangxi focus on enamel colored porcelain with great passions, to make the enamel colored removed from the copper body to purple clay teapots, these teapots were made by Yixing potters and fired, then set them in to official kilns for decoration on the pure body. The processed enamel colored purple clay teapots were magnificence, to show the cherish of Emperor Kangxi for the purple clay teapots.

Extant enamel colored flower pattern of purple clay teapot with "Kangxi drive makes" inscription mostly were collected by Taipei's National Palace Museum, such as bowls, and pots,etc. Enamel colored four seasoned flower pattern of purple clay teapot of Yixing which belonged to the Kangxi Period in Qing Dynasty, 9cm tall, and the caliber is 5.8cm, decorated with the enamel colored peach, China rose, chrysanthemum, sunflower. And there is an inscription as "Kangxi drive makes" on the bottom, which is yellow with regular script of Song typeface.