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Inscriptions of "Made by Jingxi Hua Fengxiang" on Purple Clay Teapots

Jingxi, sit at south of Yixing, called for it is next to the Jiangnan Mountain, this one is the name of place, A famous scholar named Zhang Dai visited tea professor-Min Laozi in Cbongzhen next 11 years when he was 42 years old, in his "Dream and Memories of Tao House" recorded this interesting story. Appears on its face, it was a story that a famous scholar made a friendship with a common tea professor, but in fact, it showed to us the integrity and delightment of tea-making should be treated as. The Jingxi teapot which mentioned in records is the Yixing purple clay teapot.

Ta late-Ming Dynatsy, they had already called purple clay teapot as Jingxi teapot, since it in not weird that the inscription carved on the potteries which was made in Qing Dynasty. Jingxi is the name of local place, luter Shuo Xuiuao also this kind of inscription.

Hua Fengxiang was good at imitating the ancient wares, who lived during the Kangxi to Yongzheng Periods, the teapots which made by him were exquisite and elegant, simple and unsophisticated.