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Inscriptions of "Mansheng Inscribes", "Pengnian", "Amantuo Studio" On Purple Clay Teapots

Chen Hongshou(1768 - 1822), surname is Zigong, called as Mansheng or Mangong, Gongshou, Plant Elm Old Holy Man, Taoist priest, he was born in Qiantang. To be an official magistrate in Jiaqing next 6 years in Qing Dyuasty (1801). Hold an office in Liyang during Jiaqing next 16 years in Qing Dynasty(1811).

Yang Pengnian's surname as "Er Qua", he was famous for good at making teapots.

The chrysanthemum purple clay teapot painting,which collected by Shanghai Museun, was one of his albums of paintings. There is a short comment on the upside of right,n Yang Pengnian made a famous teapot, I love them and I have this hobby as him, so painted this picture for enjoying with him. Chen Hongshou, the West Lake fisher". And a short comment on the left, "tea is mature, chrysanthemum is abloom, waiting for the late visiting, Mansheng".

Since we can know from the painting that he was loved with the teapot which made by Yang Pengnian, and he also had this kind of hobby. But as an official, it was impossible that to make teapots by himself, and this promoted the cooperation with Yang Pengnian. He designed and made by brother and sister Yang, he always wrote the inscription on the pots, and there always an inscription affixed on the bottom of what they made as "Amantuo studio".

The teapot, which designed by Mansheng, is simple and clean, generous and beauty, gets a larruping style, the cooperation with Yang Pengnian made the teapot handed with inscription, and inscriptions handed with the teapot, this could be a significant development in history of purple clay teapots, had influenced until nowadays.