Inscriptions of Purple Clay Teapots in Early Time

Inscriptions of Purple Clay Teapots in Early Time

According to the archaeological finds, the purple clay teapot with loop handle which is unearthed from Nanjing Wujing's Tomb is the earliest discovered purple clay teapot with exact date, but no inscription What we know about the teapot with inscription right now is the early time of Dabin style pots which unearthed in recent years.

(1) Six-sides square Dabin teapot was unearthed in Dinggou county of Jiangdu, Yangzhou City, in 1968. Gave a clear indication of belong to the tomb of Wanli next 44 years in Ming Dynasty(1616), inscribed as Ascription with regular script as "Dabin".

(2) Tri-pod roundish cover pot was unearthed in Pantuo county of Zhangpu, Fujian Province, in July, 1987. The mastership is as official Lu Weizhen in Wanli Period, the time of buried is Wanli next 38years in Ming Dynasty(1610), inscribed on the bottom of pot as inscription with reguiar script as "Dabin".

(3) Tri-pod Ruyi pattern of cover pot was unearthed in Mr. And Mrs Hua Shiyi's tomb of Minghua Family Cemetery, which is in Ganlu Village of Wuxi County, in July, 1987. The buried time is Chongzhen Period next 2years(1629), It inscribed as "Dabin" between the handle feet standings.

These three teapots all are inscribed inscription, the contents are simple and name inscription, since it reflects the phenomenon in late-Ming Dynasty basically.

Three teapots all are inscribed by knife. In the early time engraved the purple clay teapots included the difference with bamboo knife, metal knife. If engraved by bamboo knife, the clay would flow outwards, than the geometric plane surface and left the trace. If used metal knife, the trace would be clean and order.