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Kenya Kangaita Fair-trade Black Tea

Region: Kinrinyaga district of Kenya
Harvest season: All year
Cultivar: Assamica hybrid

The tea-processing plant in Kangaita was built in 1965. Located at high altitude, close to 6,250 feet (1,900 m), it processes the leaves of some 3,700 small growers. The product of assamica tea trees, Kenya Kangaita tea is processed according to the orthodox method, unusual for this region, where teas are usually produced using CTC processing.

Tasting notes: The dried leaves are broken and regular with a classic appearance. Infusion releases warm fragrances of malt and spices. The nose is dominated by notes of oats and caramel, enlivened by a touch of bay leaf and pepper. The attack is lively and clear in the mouth with a strong flavor of lightly roasted grains. The strong tannins develop a long finish with a touch of the bitterness of citrus zest. A robust tea, it shows strength without being coarse.

Recommended infusion accessory: A cast iron tea cup.