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Tan Huong LT Green Tea

Translation: Name of the growing cooperative and the name of the cultivar
: Thai Nguyen
Harvest season: March to November
Cultivar: LT

Tan Huong LT tea comes from the Thai Nguyen region north of Hanoi. Tea is the principal crop here, and the garden is well tended Indeed, almost every family in this rural region owns a small tea garden. In the early 1980s, the growers joined together to form cooperatives, with all the members working together to process each members tea. Their efforts gave rise to this invigorating tea, grown without chemicals.

Tasting notes: The long, twisted, gray-green leaves look clean and robust. Infusion releases appetizing aromas of smoked meat and corn. The generous nose is reminiscent of bok choy and cooked broccoli. In the mouth, the light and vegetal attack echoes the nose and develops full vegetal aromas that are sweet, slightly herbaceous and smoky. The tannins build a slow finish of sweet and sour contrasts.

Recommended infusion accessory: A Yixing tea cup.