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Longjing (Dragon Well) Spring in Hangzhou

The Longjing Spring is in Mt. Phoenix on the west of the West Lake, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. The Longjing Village, the place of origin of the Longjing Tea, lies to its west. Discovered in the Three Kingdoms Period (220-280), the Longjing Spring has been well-known for over 1,700 years.

The water of the Longjing Spring comes from mountainous rocks. It consists of underground water and surface water. When water spills out of the well or when water gushes in from the bottom, an inward rippling division line will appear on water surface in response to the gentle stir by a small stick due to the differences in water specific gravity and flow speed. It is a wonder peculiar to this water. The Longjing Spring never dries out. Its water is sweet and crystal-clear. The tea brewed with the water literally gladdens the drinker's heart and refreshes his mind. Therefore, an old saying goes that one should brew the Longjing Tea with none but the water from the Longjing Spring.

Around the Longjing Spring are several scenic spots such as the Divine Fate Stone, Clean Heart Marsh, and A Piece of Cloud. On the west side of the Longjing Spring is a Longjing Teahouse, which serves the Longjing Tea brewed with the water from the Longjing Spring.

In addition, there is an old Longjing Well in Luohui Dock beside Mt. Phoenix just several hundred meters from the Longjing Spring. The well is close to a mountain rock inscribed with three Chinese characters meaning Old Longjing Well. This is another important manmade relic related to tea.