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Nilgiri Coonoor Black Tea

Production area: Nilgiri Massif ("Blue Mountains")
Harvest season: February to June
Cultivar: Assamica hybrid

This tea is the result of an increasing trend in India. More and more large plantations are developing specialty teas along with their standard commercial teas. Produced in low volumes, these teas are destined for sale in the specialty tea stores that are opening everywhere. Nilgiri Coonoor tea is an unusual black tea that is part of this trend. Few teas of this region have a similar style or light aromatic character. Indi Khanna, a veteran grower in Assam, took over a small section of the famous Coonoor garden. He immediately began organic cultivation of Assam hybrid plants. The leaves are treated in a small custom-built factory using machines from China that reproduce manual processing.

Tasting notes: The large leaves of this tea have a striking appearance The nose is a fruity bouquet of stewed papaya and peach with a subtle hint of osmanthus flowers, in the mouth, the lively liquid with well-structured tannins is slightly malty. Aromas of pepper; coriander seed, orange peel and cooked fruits delicately unfold. The finish is long and coats the mouth with pleasantly fruity tannins.

Recommended infusion accessory: A Yixing teapot.