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When pouring water, keep the head and torso straight and the shoulders level, lift the arms and let the elbows settle. Look straight ahead and not aside. If the kettle is heavy, take a tea-towel with both hands and put it on the left hand, Hold the kettle in the right hand and support its bottom with the left hand. Let the water in the kettle run through the interior of the spout into the tea pot (cup). Do not point the spout at the guest(s).

1.Three Nods of the Phoenix

When pouring out water, let your arm go up and down three times so that the water may flow out in cadence. Water flow needs to be smooth, even, continuous and steady. As a salute to the guest, the spout of the kettle needs to go up and down three times, as if a phoenix were nodding three time in a row.

2.Pouring from up on high

Let boiled water flow out of the water kettle down the rim of the teapot or teacup before slowly raising it to the level of the arm and and water flowing until the water level reaches four fifths of the container capacity, Stop pouring when the water levels in the water kettle and the teapot are about the same.


Pour water down the interior wall of the teapot/teacup in a circular pattern until filled to capacity.