Several Phenomenas of True Inscriptions of False Purple Clay Teapots

Works for engaging in social activities. Some potters made teapots for friends at first, they made it by themselves, even some were casual work, but they did true works. When the market began to get better and better, the owners of teapots sold them into market, because their poor quality, people always considered these as fake works. This could be a horse of a different color. Later, potters gave teapots as gifts to friends were made by their apprentices, then they engraved their seals or inscribed their inscription, when the economics of underdevelopment, this phenomenon was beyond or above reproach.

When the works were sent into market and the supply was not I adequate to the demand, the potters found their apprentices or other people working for him, the serious potters should made pottery as same as about eighty percent of the original works, and the remainings were made by potters until finished and covered their seals.

The potters who were blinded by greed could find someone to do for him totally even included the seals, after pots were done, sent to him and he paid some money for the ghost potter.